which maxi?seriously help me decide!

  1. ive got a great deal for a green-grey n dark blue maxi.ive sell my black single flap coz i wanted the double flap.so now im torn between the black,green-grey n dark blue maxi caviar.i will only be buying one(for now..haha)n hope to treasure tis for the rest of my life so i really want to make sure im making a right desicions.i hope all of u,the chanel experts n lovers to help me out coz im getting crazy here.lol.
  2. Any pictures? :smile:
  3. What will you wear more?

    I love my green and blue flaps....black has sat in the closet BNWT!
  4. I'll take the pics tmrw :smile:
  5. I usually wear dark n natural color colthes so anything tat goes with it is fine with me.im thinking to get the grey one.it hv a greenish under tone.but the dark blue is also nice....seriously how u'll decide?i love both!
  6. here's the green grey maxi caviar.wat do u think coz currently im leaning towards tis as im getting a preloved black chain around maxi


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  7. that color is beautiful!!
  8. I also think its beautiful.still thinking about it coz the price is killing me.lol.
  9. Love it.
  10. Love the green/gray!! Beautiful color! This gets my vote :smile:
  11. wouldn't the chain around maxi be even heavier? Have you considered that?
  12. tq so much.i hope to get tis before anyone else,coz the price is totally worth it :smile:
  13. ive tried the chain around at the boutique but never with my stuff in,but im used to heavy bags.i owned trevi gm n hampstead mm,which i think for most people will consider it as heavy bags :biggrin:
  14. I think this bag is beautiful. If you will have a black one in near future, this green/grey will complete your Chanel collection. For me, I love light colour Chanel in summer. HTH :smile:
  15. My heart skipped a beat: Green/gray of course:hbeat: