which material u prefer for FLAPS? caviar or lambskin?


caviar flap? or lambskin flap?

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    71 vote(s)
  2. lambskin

    42 vote(s)
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  1. which one do u think looks best in this style and why?

    i just purchased one in caviar, and i think it's perfectly beautiful!
    it's more than 10 years old, and it's still pretty
  2. Voted lamb because it is how the original is and even though I am seriously clumsy :sweatdrop:, the lambskin on both my 2.55 with pins and normal flap is not scratched yet.
  3. I voted Caviar, but I think it depends on the color.
  4. Caviar because I feel that it's more durable
  5. Caviar, for the durability.
  6. I agree with Mon - it depends on the colour. I'm loving my pink and red caviar flaps!

    Whenever I get my medium classic flap in black - I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go for lambskin.
  7. do you think the lambskin will aged as gracefully as the caviar?
  8. I voted for lambskin, because I prefer it in general. (Soft and gorgeous!) With light colors, I would always go with caviar--it's just a better investment!
  9. I think it depends on the color, and how carefully you treat your bags.
  10. I'm sticking with caviar. I had a beige lambskin and it had a fingerprint mark on it. I sent it to Chanel to see if it could be cleaned off. They re-painted my bag instead and when it came back it felt all scratchy & stiff.
  11. I voted for lambskin. I prefer lambskin for evening/dressy bags and caviar for daytime bags.
  12. I prefer lambskin as far as looks go, but caviar simply for the durability. I think they need to make a smooth version of the "caviar" for the best of both worlds!
  13. I voted for lambskin eventhough that it is easy to get scratch:sweatdrop: I just love the way it feels and looks.:rolleyes:
  14. I prefer caviar for durability.
  15. Caviar. I'm brutal with my bags... throw them everywhere. Need durable.