Which Mastic should I get?


Which RH Mastic should I get?

  1. Part Time (from Diabro, but it has dry & thin leather)

  2. City (pre loved but wonderful thick smooshy leather)

  3. First (new, under retail, ok leather)

  4. Don't bother, wait till SS08 & save your $$$

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  1. I always take too long to make up my mind, then I miss out completely or regret the actual decision I made in the first place (yes, I'm nuts)...Anyway, if you could give your opinion on this poll, it would really help out.

    Story goes...I thought long and hard over a Mastic (RH) Part Time & French Blue (RH) Day. I chose the FB Day. I'm not feeling the love from the Day style, as it keeps slipping off my shoulder - grrr. But the colour & leather is magnificent :drool: Ok, I haven't even worn the FB day since that first time so now it's time to get that Mastic.

    I have come across a few Mastic's, but not all leathers are good. Which one on the above poll should I get, if any? :confused1: Or should I not bother with Mastic at all and wait for SS08?
  2. I love Mastic...!! But French Blue is beautiful too! :tup:
  3. I, myself, would get the First since it's under retail :tup: and has OK leather but it depends on which size you prefer. Since it sounds like you really love the leather on the City, go for that one!
  4. Get the one with the BEST leather!
  5. My friend has the most gorgeous mastic MU, when the leather is good, mastic truly rocks! I voted for the city since the leather is smooshy and thick! Good luck.
  6. If the City has the best leather, go with the City, but ONLY if you think you'll be just as happy with the City. If you "settle" for the City(style wise), you'll regret your decision and you'll end up selling/searching for the PT again. JMHO:yes:

    If what you truly want is the PT, then I'd say wait for another one with great leather to pop up. After all, since this is the current season color, there'll be more of these popping up soon when the spring colors hit the stores.

  7. ITA - go for the leather, not the deal...
  8. go for the style that you would use and for the leather that you love.
  9. Yup, I echo everyone here, these decisions shouldn't be based on whether the price is below retail, the leather needs to be amazing. Pre-owned is not a bad thing if the previous owner was good to her bag (or barely used it). But if you want a Parttime, then wait for a pt to pop up since there is no use in settling for something you half want.
  10. City!!!
  11. I will say get the city cos it has the nice leather..
  12. ITA!:tup:
  13. I think I'm with all of you! The Mastic City is from a reputable re-seller & PF'er. I am so cautious now with preloved bags. I look after my bags so much...Not only when I wear them but I also use my own organic products on them and when I sell one of my bags, they are in pristine condition. I recently bought a preloved City and I trusted the deal based on pics. But upon opening the package, it had a very strong smell / odour of the previous owners' perfume, the leather was smooshy from over-use and totally not cared for, the loops on the side that attach the shoulder straps were overly soft (very worn in, almost like the owner over stuffed the bag all the time), these loops were starting to fray, there were scuff marks & cracking of the sealant paint all over the bag. I still haven't got over it. It was a total waste of money and I don't think I could ever sell this bag and put my name to it. I would be embarrased to re-sell this bag. Oh gosh, I am so nervous about 2nd hand bags now!!!! It makes me think I should just get the PT with the dry leather and super soak it with my Bbag-Boost.

    I understand what you're all saying though. ITA too! Leather, for me, is everything!
  14. ^^ i didn't know you made your own products? cool. it sounds as if you're really hot for a PT, so that is prob what you should get. if you can revive the leather, then go for it, but i don't think any amount of lotion or potion can turn thin leather into thick :nogood:
  15. You're right Nicole...I was kind of hoping it would just be dry. Is a PT a similar size to the Work?