which mandeville

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  1. Okay so i really love the satchels...they are so fun and wonderful but which one to get...so on ebay i saw the lipstick which i love the ombrerasta but i have that in the clutch and then there's the bullseye soo which one do u guys like?
  2. most of us lambies have the lipstick saddle mandeville.. ;)

    but out of all my mandevilles, i use the cheetah print the most..
  3. I immediately thought rasta even before opening up the thread bc of your sn! The mandeville in rasta is one of my top lamb bags of all time so I'll vote for the rasta as well as the lipstick. But even though I love the rasta, I think you should go for the lipstick first since you already have a rasta bag.
  4. I vote LS or Bullseye.
  5. Lipstick, definitely. :tup:
  6. LS is very classy with a nice kick to it ! It's lovely
  7. if you guys see any good one on ebay let me know. Or if there is any other place i can get a Lipstick mandy let me know. Thanks guys!
  8. Off 5th has the Lipstick Mandevilles for $279, and there's a 20% off coupon. Probably the best deal right now.
  9. try to call your local off 5th.. i believe they're 279 over there and with the current 20% off it will come down even more..
  10. I love the lipstick... it makes me so happy... I also love the rasta... It fun, but i find that i love my montego in that print more... The lipstick is classic, and is great with all that patent
  11. hey guys so i called the off 5th by my house and they didn't have the lipstick =( But i went on ebay and there was one on auction brand new with matching wallet for 469...I had to grab it do u think i paid too much for it?
  12. i think it's a lil bit much.. uhm, do you want to do charge send? us lambies probably can help you with this.. so if any of us stop by at our off 5th, we can let you know or put it on hold for you.. i'm sure one of that many off 5ths still have LS mandy.. if you want you can try to call random off 5th and if you wait till next week (they have 30% off coupon), you can get it only for around 208-220 shipped..

    try to post your request in this thread

  13. thanks so much i posted it in that thread...thanks for your help!