Which Mandarin?

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I'm dying for a bag in mandarin. Because MK doesn't make that color anymore I will have to buy from eBay. I can't decide between the jet set top zip and the Selma (in medium). I already have those bags on other colors and I love both styles. Currently I own:

    Jet set top zip in sapphire
    Selma medium in Pearl grey
    Riley in black with silver hardware
    Sutton medium in dark dune
    Sutton medium in electric blue (selling this one to make room for whichever mandarin I choose)
    Selma messenger in peanut

    I was thinking the jet set since I mostly have satchels, but if I sell my EB sutton then the Selma could replace it as my pop of color satchel. I really love both styles. I've also found both on eBay for similar prices. What do you guys think???

    I included pics of both. Since neither are in stores anymore I found some pics in google images. Thanks for y'all's input!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465259273.593234.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465259281.445974.jpg
  2. That's a tough choice. The Jet Set is such a versatile bag but so is the Selma. I'm a little partial to the Selma, myself. It can be dressed up or down. Good luck with what you decide & be sure to post pics of your choice!:tup:
  3. I like the jet set because it's bigger than the medium Selma. The medium Selma is easier to carry with single strap.
  4. I'd say jet set, love Selma but totes are always so much easier to carry.
  5. I love mandarin! I have it in a small sutton and think it is perfect in that style of bag- I would therefore choose the Selma! I think the colour is maybe too much for the jet set? I own medium Selmas but don't own a jet set so I can't say for sure about that bag but my choice (even simply on pthe pics) is Selma.

    You can't go wrong with the colour though!
  6. I love the colour mandarin, it looks good on both bags. Personally I'd go with the Selma but, I don't own a Jet set so can't compare IRL. Good luck choosing. :smile:
  7. Thanks ladies! I haven't made a decision yet, but I'm leaning towards the Selma. Since my sapphire jet set is the only other colorful bag I have, I worry that I'll get bored having two colorful bags in the same style. I'm carrying both my jet set and my Selma this week though to see if that helps any
  8. I would say Selma. It looks so stylish and fresh and you have the choice of wearing with a shoulderstrap or by the handles. I like the Jet Set as well, but I think this color is a little too much on that particular bag. Good luck on deciding!
  9. I love this color on both bags. However, I'd personally get it on the jet set tote for a couple reasons. I feel this color is so bright that it would look best on a spring/summer tote style bag rather than an every day satchel. Also, I like brighter colors on bags carried under the arm or small handbags. My brightest colored large Selma (sapphire) gets used primarily as a pop of color against darker clothing, so doesn't get as much use as my other more neutral ones.
  10. I prefer the mandarin on the selma, it compliments it really well! The mandarin is so pretty but it seems a little too loud on the jet set for some reason.
  11. i love mandarin color, it's one of my fave color of MK selma bags. i think it's suit well on any ocasion or cloths if you confident enough to wearing it