Which MAM?? Teal or Almond?

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  1. Okay, I have completely fallen in love with this brand!! I just got my first RM - a Nikki in BH just a few weeks ago. Now I have the opportunity to purchase another (thanks Honey!!). I was thinking another Nikki until I happened upon these lovelies!!

    What's your vote? Almond? Teal? Something else? I have to admit, the close ups of the Almond leather made my stomach flutter a little bit. But I love the color of the Teal!


  2. Both are great colors but the Teal is very transitional for spring, summer and fall. Plus if you are worried about jeans color transfer it can happen but not as noticeable versus Almond. I have a MAC in Teal and the leather is very fine you can't beat it up as much.

  3. Teal is gorgeous! I have it in a MAM and a MAC...beautiful leather..:heart::love:
  4. teal
  5. teal is a DELICIOUS leather - i would totally go for it (and i would own one by now if i actually liked silver hw)
  6. I own both leathers and you really can't go wrong. Between the two, teal would be my pick. It is so soft and luscious. It will blow you away!
  7. Teal!
  8. rm teal is pretty special. i only have it in a pouch now, but would love it in a mam!
  9. Teal!!!
  10. Teal it is!! It is such a good deal (from a TPF'er) that I think I may add on this beautiful brown MAC as well.....

  11. Okay, the MAC in brown and the MAM in Teal have been ordered.....I am so excited!! Thanks for the push. That Teal is so purty......
  12. Yay! I love my teal MB.
  13. Congrats. I love teal!
  14. Congratulations! The teal looks amazing. I just ordered a purple haze MAM from Bonanzle too - send pics when you get them!
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