Which male actor do you think is always snappily dressed?

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  1. I think Brad Pitt always looks effortlessy appropriate and stylish
  2. Me, too!!! I always thinks he looks so put together whether it's out for a bikeride or on the red carpet.
  3. George Clooney
  4. Kanye West **dont hit me** LOL
  5. Wayne Brady dresses nice. So does Russell Simmons. And Steve Harvey, too. And yes, Kanye West dresses very "snappily."
  6. Jude Law. He embodies the slightly eccentric but still sleek look that Londoners love. I actually don't like Brad Pitt's look nowadays..kinda boring and kinda scruffy...
    I also like David Beckham's sense of style.
  7. Oh yes. All of those you mentioned. When Steve has his own suit, you know he's dressing. That's why they call him "Blue Cheese", lol.
  8. Love Kanye West too. The whole preppy hip hop thing is so refreshing and unique.
  9. One more vote for Brad Pitt.. :girlsigh: