Which makeup case should I choose??

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  1. This one?

    (pic from eBay)


    this one??

    (also pic from eBay)
  2. black/pink is my fav! :smile:
  3. Thanks for your feedback Couturegrl!
  4. the black/pink is very sexy, i love it!
  5. The black and pink one will probably look cleaner longer. I would get that one. Both are really cute.
  6. I like the black/pink one better also !
  7. The second one looks nicer as the contrast is there.
  8. Thanks for your feedback guys!!
  9. I like them both a lot but I'd go w/ the black one as it may hold up better!
  10. black/pink
  11. black/pink :biggrin:
  12. black/pink!
  13. I vote for the black/pink.
  14. oh yeah, def black and pink! how cute!!!
  15. Another vote for the black/pink. :smile: