which makes a better evening bag? first or box

  1. I usually wear a city or day bbag for everyday, but I'd like a smaller bag for evenings out...which bag makes for a better bag for evenings and why? thanks for your advice!
  2. I think the first would. It's just more "streamlined" kwim ?? The box is more casual IMO.
  3. day and night... first !! :heart:
  4. box:love: i really dislike the style of the first!
  5. Well, if you really want a Balenciaga evening bag, you could go with their Aulmoniere:
    CIMG1558.JPG CIMG1562.JPG
  6. first or a clutch :yes:
  7. ^Or the shoulder :idea:

  8. agreed - :smile: or the shoulder as another PF-er stated -

    The box is NOT a good evening style, IMO - as the strap hangs way below the base of the bag, and it is generally just a good daily errand bag - if you don't have a lot of daily stuff.
  9. I'd say the shoulder too.
  10. First!!! :yes:
  11. ^^ a black first would be perfect!!! :love:
  12. thanks so much girls. I have definitely ruled out the box! Now I have to go check out what a shoulder is!
  13. I agree with the other posts the the first would be much better than the box. When deciding between the first and the shoulder, you might want to consider the size differences. The first is: 7.5"h x 13"w x 2.5"d and the shoulder is:5.5"h x 8"w 1.75"d.
  14. Both. It depends on the color and what you are wearing. With a black dress, I would say the first. But I am talking flat brass with the longer strap. The First is just too darn small for me for everyday use. The strap is too short, the bag too small, it just isn't right for me. My friends say it looks like I am carrying a kids bag.:s I'm 5'7" so maybe you have to be shorter and thinner to pull that one off. I've seen it on other girls here and it looks fabulous.
    The box is more structured and I only have one box, a Calcaire. I did use it for a function that was dressy, but not formal. I wore ivory pants and jacket with a pink shell and carried my Calcaire box. It looked nice.
  15. first.