Which make-up counters/stores are good about giving out samples?

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  1. I'm a big fan of sampling, especially because a lot of non-drugstore cosmetics and skincare products are so expensive. I also like to ask for samples of products I already love to use as travel size.

    I love Kiehl's because it's their company policy to give out samples, and they always give me multiple samples of the same product. And the strategy works because I do end up buying full-size products of what I like. During Neiman Marcus's bi-annual beauty event, you can get a cute bag with a lot of samples from various brands if you spend over a certain amount. I also like buying stuff on Sephora.com, especially when I can find a promotional code for extra samples or larger sized ones. I don't like it when I go to a store or counter and they "make" a sample for you by putting a little of the product from the tester bottles into a small container because I'm afraid testers are germy.

    Do you have a favorite brand who is generous with samples?
  2. I was coming to post Kiehl's based on your thread title! LOL!
    Erno Lazslo does it oo.
  3. L'Occitane gives out neat samples.
  4. If you go to Nordstrom you should be able to get a sample from any brand cosmetics they carry. If the brand itself does not have small sizes, the SA will make you a sample in a small plastic container. Peggy
  5. Based on my own personal experience, I have found bliss, la prairie, chanel, prescriptives and clinique to be best at giving good samples. SpaceNK also gives out great samples from all the brands they stock.
  6. Clarins is also great about sampling, and I know Elizabeth Arden is pretty generous too.
  7. I LOVE samples!!!!!

    Chanel is great about samples. Every time I buy something there, I get a ton of extra stuff. Origins are are also pretty generous. Estee Lauder is pretty good but only if you have coupons for their samples. Other than that, they don't really give you anything. Department stores in CT are much nicer about giving out samples than NY. That's just what I noticed.

    Oh, Clarins is the WORST!!! Even if I buy something from them, they never have anything to give you!
  8. Really???? I'm surprised to hear Clarins is the worst. In Canada, they almost use samples as gifts to get you to buy.
  9. Oh, wow...Clarins counters around here are not very generous. Or maybe they give most of the samples away at one time and they have none left when I go over there? LOL...but even if I have a coupon (macy's sends a lot of them) for a sample of one of their new products, they never have anything. Oh, well...
  10. That just happened to me. I got something in the mail from Nordstrom for a free sample of face tanner. When I got there, they had none.
  11. My vote is for Sephoras and I'm suprised that it hasn't already been named. They give out great samples.
  12. Shiseido and Dior is pretty good about giving out samples.
  13. If you like skincare samples, try C.O. Bigelow. They are extremely generous. :smile:
  14. Nordstrom Perimeter Shiseido near Atlanta - Cindy is such a doll. I drive the extra miles to buy from her. Do tell that Gloria sent you!
  15. You know Nordies is my store and not once has one of those SAs offered me a sample!? Maybe that's because I go off and buy it before I try it and hate it and it ends up sitting on a shelf. Next time I'm going to ask for samples of everything.