Which Magenta for going out?

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  1. The shoulder or the mini classique?? Both are brand new. The Mini is about $300 cheaper
  2. Z&J, congrats on having 2 magenta options!!!:drool:

    I like the shoulder style better for going out...it's easy to fit under your arm when it's on your shoulder and easy to turn into a wristlet if you want to!!
  3. I vote for shoulder!
  4. I'll say.........BOTH.:graucho:

    If you decide against the mini.......i would looooove to know where
  5. Those are both great "going out" bags!
  6. shoulder, i don't really like the shape of mini classique :P
  7. Shoulder is preferable, because the mini classique probably holds next to nothing!
  8. It all depends, they are both probably good, but I would go with the shoulder bag, just because it would carry more than the basic going out essentials.
  9. I'm confused. The measurements are bigger on the mini classique. How can the shoulder hold that much more? Anyone have photos of what's inside????:confused1:
    mini-classique.jpg shoulder.jpg
  10. OK everyone I got the shoulder. Will post pics when it arrives. Thanks so much for your help.:yes:
  11. Yay!!
    That was going to be my vote.
  12. :P My vote was for both as well! Congratulations and share pictures when she arrives!
  13. oooo BOTH! glad you got the shoulder though....nothing beats that cute little clip on the strap...its the same as the ones on the BOOBIES!!! :love: congrats!