Which Magazine...

  1. Usually displays the most LV ads/information?
    My Seventeen subscription expired (FINALLY...the magazine was getting worse and worse and I'm just TOO old for a magazine like that now) and I want to subscribe to a magazine that has the most LV stuff!

    What do you all recommend?
  2. Vogue has alot of LV ads!
  3. Harpers B. have a tons of it too :smile:
  4. Yeah Harper's usually has a lot. Even Allure sometimes.
  5. How could I forget about HB! :rolleyes:
  6. Vogue, Elle, Harper's
  7. I think Vogue, and Harper's
  8. Yes HB...I just bought two issues, Jan & Feb and both showed LV bags.
    I also like Elle & Vogue(British).
  9. Instyle :smile:
  10. W,Vogue,Harper's,Vanity Fair,GQ,
  11. i subscribe to Vogue, and they for sure have plenty of LV ads. not sure about others, as i don't read fashion magazines as much anymore
  12. By the way for bags & accessories, I :heart: :heart: :heart: WWD Accessories magazine, but it's seasonal, not for every month.
  13. Some Japanese Mags display tons and tons of pictures including pictures of ppl wearing their bags...not ads thou...i cant quite remember which one out of JJ, CanCam and Vivi has the most LV bags...
  14. i'd say uk vogue & us elle. they have pics but usually just say price on application or call for details
  15. I would have to say either Harper's, Elle, or Vogue.