Which mag(s) has the latest LV ad?

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  1. I am just wondering where do you gurls see the latest LV ad because the last LV ad I saw is the demin cruise line. I just want to be more up to date. Thank you.
  2. I think the February issues will have the new ads. The latest Vogue only had the denim cruise!
  3. The back of InStyle has an ad but its the denim cruise. This was the jan issue.
  4. elle and vogue usually have tons of LV adds, you may want to check into those in the next few issues.
  5. I looked at the newest Harper's Bazaar issue and they had the new denim cruise line ad in it.
  6. the last vogue & Ellle didn't have any LV ad in them I went through the whole thing looking for it because I thought that was a bit weird but nope not there (not sure which month it was Dec or Jan??)
  7. Harper's Bazaar has one of the Cruise line right next to an article about the children in China who make fake bags.
  8. Well the one in Elle isn't really an Ad, but it features some demin items, it had a funky pair of short shorts to match the denim pleaty with the charms hanging off of it... the shorts were crazy, they would make so much noise with every step!
  9. This is the issue with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet on the cover by the way :yes:
  10. Today I saw the LV rings ad: four silver/white gold rings floating in a cloudy sky.