Which Madison Shoulder Bag?

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What should I do?

  1. Keep the Brown Shoulder Bag

  2. Exchange the Brown for the Black

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. So I have the crimson madison shoulder bag already, but just recently got the mahogany shoulder bag as well... I'm indecisive right now because I don't have a brown bag, but then again I don't wear a ton of brown...the color of this mahogany is gorgeous, but I like the black shoulder bag, but not sure of the brass hardware on it... what do you girls think? Stick w/the brown or get the black? The crimson bag will work with my wardrobe because I wear a lot of black, so I'm not really sure?? The brown is really pretty though
  2. I want to like the brown, but I just love the red interior lining of the black. I would have loved to have seen silver hardware. :drool:
  3. I love both of them but the black was just too stunning to leave behind and I am a silver person but there is just something about the black leather with the gold hw. I have a LV so I really did not need a brown bag and I wear a lot of black so that also helped me pass on the brown one. Good Luck they are both TDF.
  4. The brown is smoking hot
  5. Thanks girls! I think I may have to go back to the store and try on the black tomorrow... I think that will help me make my decision. They are both so gorgeous, ugh! Its seriously a tie for me on both of them.
  6. im really liking the brown,,, its really rich but if you wear more black,,, i dunno,,,,maybe the camel??? sorry,,, but that would go w/ everything. im trying to decide between the brown and the cobalt patent.
  7. I think a rich brown bag looks great if you are wearing black. You can't go wrong with either bag but I wouldn't worry about wearing black with a mahogany bag.
  8. I agree wiu lblue. The brown isn't a normal blah brown. it's such a deep rich sparkly brown so it looks great w/every color. even black
  9. Keep the mahogany, it's rich and yummy. Lovely black bags come around all the time.
  10. Mahogany
  11. Mahogany is gorgeous! I agree about nice black bags coming around all the time
  12. S,
    Keep the Mahogany!!! So Rich and very pretty!!! She looks Great next to your Crimson Patent Shoulder bag!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  13. I saw them both today and definitely prefer the mahogany!
  14. I say go with the black!