Which Mademoiselle size to get?

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  1. Anyone get a Mademoiselle?

    I originally saw these in Black and didn't like the look. However, when I saw them again in Red I fell for them! All of the sizes have chains that are long enough for crossbody. And the WOC has a working turn lock!

    I usually wear WOC size bags because I don't carry much. But I'm leaning towards the small size this time!

    What do you think about the style and sizing?

    3 sizes available:
    Small $3100 left
    Mini $2900 middle
    WOC $2100 right

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464446772.336339.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464446781.885285.jpg

    Interior of small and mini has a flap

    Medium classic VS small Mademoiselle

    Photos are courtesy of my Saks SA.
  2. I like the small!
  3. Another vote for small!! [emoji7]
  4. Small.
  5. Small is a little too overwhelming for me when I do a crossbody so I chose mini instead. I don't remember that the WOC has a working turnlock and that kinda defeats the design of the turnlock;) haha. It comes in a button clasp.

    I'm about 5feet3 FYI. Have you tried on the bags on you? :biggrin:

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  6. Oh that's cute! Looks great on you!

    I haven't been able to see them in person. I only have one store close by and they don't have it in red. I'll need to get it shipped in.

    I think I'll go with the small since I'm a little wider. Haha!

    That's disappointing if it's not a working turn lock on the WOC version. I just got the CC trendy WOC because it had a working turn lock!
  7. They are pretty bags, but they come in sheepskin only or at least that is what I was told by NM and Chanel. So equivalent to lambskin. I'm not sure how I feel about such a soft leather. I'm very careful with my bags. Also why a flap on the small bag doesn't it seem like it would get in the way and take up space. Would love to hear the thoughts of anyone that has it or has tried it on. Handbag drama!!!
  8. Another vote for the small. Very practical !
  9. I vote for the small as well but i must say that Procolor totally rocks her Mini. Very cute!!
  10. Small size is probably more practical, but I think I actually prefer the mini!
  11. Lovely!
  12. It would be more practical to get the small, but i agree that the mini looks better crossbody!
  13. The mini looks fabulous on you! Good size and length:smile:
  14. Hi angel9dreamer, do u happen to have the code for the small size in red? I saw one on someone when I was in town a few weeks back and tried to call my local Chanel to describe it. Unfortunately without the code they couldn't really help me trace it. TIA!!
  15. thank you :smile: i hope you can come to a decision soon. let me know if you need additional pictures to help you.

    Thank you :biggrin:

    thank you so much :smile:
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