Which Macys Has Trasporto?

  1. Hiya Ladies.. My local macys doesnt carry tokidoki so I need to do a phone order. Which Macys has Trasporto? Or getting it soon? Thanks...:tup:
  2. macy's in NJ/garden State Plaza has gotten trasporto in.

  3. Thank you....:tup:
  4. you know that our local bloomies has trasporto and tutti? :]
    i was there a few days ago. trasporto looks so much better irl.
  5. Really? Because I went to the one in Aventura and they only had Tutti.. So prob the falls have it.. Did they have a lot?damnit I am still waiting for my Bloomingdales card to arrive and I cant walk yet from my fall.. lol I guess I'll have to check it out in like a week and hope they still have some.. But thanks..:tup:
  6. o right i forgot to say it was the one in the falls. :x i went on tuesday
    they had 3 canguros, 2 dolces, an avventura, 2 bvs, a zucca, a bambino, 2 dolces and a ciao ciao [my numbers may be a little off]...and i think that was it.
    i dont remember what they had for tutti since i dont like that print so i didnt really check.
    i was so excited because i really wanted to see the print irl before i bought something and i :heart: it. but i didnt buy anything because i had no money :crybaby:

    o well...
    i hope your foot/leg? gets better soon so that you can go buy something :graucho:
  7. LoL thank you.. Yeah I dont want something big in it because I am saving for Vacanze. Plus I just got a CR Ciao Ciao and dont want my hubby to go :bagslap: on me.. But I'll like to have something in that print. I cant wait until Vacanze gets here. I will ask to be put in a list or something so I can run/hop/hell swim if I have to, to get one..hehe.:lol:.. but thanks..:cutesy:
  8. Downtown Seattle just got it: phone is 206-506-6000.
  9. Macy's Herald Square!
  10. Macy's at the Irvine Spectrum has trasporto. I went there at lunch today, they have a awesome Stellina, the bus is on both pockets. So cute. The print really looks good on the Stellina. They also had BV, Campeggio, Zucca, Gioco, Bambinone,& Dolce. But only like one of each. That's all I remember.

    The metro park at the Spectrum has Gioco, Zucca, & Ciao Ciao. They also have a a few tutti bags left and a ton of the Familiga.
  11. Saw a few trasporto pieces at Macys in Flushing, NY. Canguro, Bv, Bambione and a few Giocos.
  12. Brea mall in Brea, Ca has trasporto in! They just got them in yesterday, woo!
  13. aw man! I wanted a zucca, but when I went yesterday, it wasn't there :sad: right now they have in trasporto a canguro, still have the buon viaggos, and a ciao ciao. they go fast!
  14. macy's victoria gardens in rancho cucamonga, ca and santa anita plaza in arcadia, ca have transporto in! i got a campeggio and a stellina--mainly because it sort of reminds me of inferno...dang, inferno stellinas are a bee-otch to find!
  15. Century city in CA they have a lot trasporto, but no denaro which is I want most.