Which MAC should I get?

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  1. Back with silver hardware or black with gunmetal? I have found both, but I am not sure which I want. I was just hoping to find one and now that I have a choice, I am not sure which to get.

    It looks like the gunmetal hardware bag is being called black ink. Is the black in color shiny or why is it different than just black?

    Any thought would be appreciated.
  2. Do you have any picture/link?
  3. I think that the black ink is a little shiny, but it's definitely really saturated in color. hth! I personally like gummetal better on black with the blue zipper-- very reese witherspoon. ;)
  4. I am leaning towards the gunmetal. The MAM in my avatar pic is dark grey w/gunmtal and the leather has a sheen to it. I wonder if the black ink is similar with how shiny it is. It looks like they both have blue zippers. The silver hw has the blue w/black dots lining and the black ink has the floral lining.
  5. The black ink is very saturated and has kinda a "wet" look. I really like it... it's like a super black!

    I would go with black/gunmetal.
  6. :biggrin: This made me picture a purse with a cape.
  7. I asked the seller who has both bags and this is what I was told,
    "the black ink is softer in texture and lighter in terms of weight. The black MAC leather is more matted and thicker in leather texture but the color are both the same. "

    I guess I am not sure what that means.
  8. *cues the theme music* :P
  9. I went for the gunmetal hardware one. I can return it if it isn't what I think it will be, but I bet it will be.
  10. I bought a black ink w/gunmetal MAC. I love the MAC, but I sort of wish it had matte leather. I really wanted gunmetal hw and the only matte leather I could find was gold or silver hw. Now I am wondering if I should have gotten the silver hw to have the matte instead of getting the gunmetal.

    What sucks is that I bought it off ebay and the seller had both. I honestly don't know if I would like the silver better because it isn't gunmetal, but the leather would be matte. The MAC isn't crazy shiny or anything, but it does have a sheen to it. I wonder how it will break in over time.

    I hate this feeling. :sad:
  11. ^Yuck...I've had that feeling myself way too many times. :tdown:

    Well, thanks to my indecisiveness and a wee touch of insanity, I am your go-to-gal for black MACs because I pretty much have them all! :P

    Personally I prefer matte leather to anything with a shine, and from what I've seen lately RM's gm hw is quite a bit lighter than when she first came out with it. I know the gm hw on my matte black MAC is darker than what she's using today.

    So if the gm hw isn't even really all that dark on your MAC, I would probably go for the matte black MAC with silver hw...Distressed Black to be exact. I have that MAC and it's TDF! :love:

    I know I have a lot of black MACs, but they're different enough for me to want to keep them all! I love the original darker gm hw and matte leather on my "Reese" bag, I like that my black with gold hw MAC doesn't have the blue zipper track (it's black), and then the leather on the DB MAC is so one of a kind I really love it! Oh, and my BPQ is in a class by itself because it's a dressier bag.

    One thing about black with silver though, it is pretty severe looking, definitely a bit "biker-chick". So if you want something a tad more understated, I'd stick with the MAC with the gm hw.

    If it were me, and the gm hw on your MAC is dark enough that it's quite a bit different than silver (and I'm not so sure about that), then maybe get both?? :graucho:
  12. The gm hw on my MAC seems dark to me. If I compare it to other bags I have with silver hw, it is definitely different.

    Distressed black? The one I was looking at didn't look distressed. I wonder if the pics are deceiving. Is it on sale, do you have a pic of yours?

    In a perfect world, my MAC would have gunmetal with matte leather. I do think the sheen and gunmetal of the black ink might make the bag look a bit "dressier" (for lack of a better word). Not that I need dressy all the time.

    Maybe once the bag breaks in it won't have as much shine? I don't know. . .I like it, but I think I would be more in love if it was matte w/ gm.
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    Last edited: Sep 28, 2010
    I know exactly what you mean, and I wish RM would have just left well enough alone and kept making the black MAC with gm hw in the matte leather. You're right, the sheen makes the bag look dressier and except maybe with gold hw that's not a look I want in an every day bag. Esp. with gm hw.

    I almost didn't bring up the DB because I didn't want to confuse you even more!

    Here's one that's listed on Bon (not mine). This was another MAC that sold out super fast. It's got a great feel to it...soft and smooshy but it's silver hw.


    I think the leathers with a sheen will always have it...I don't think breaking it in will really make that go away. I'm sure it'll get softer though!

    Btw...here's another listing (sold) for a black MAC and she describes the leather perfectly. It's not as matte as the original Reese bag, but it's not as shiny as Ink. Still though, I guess there's still a bit of a shine. So be careful...you may end up with a bag sort of similar to what you already have even in another leather.

  14. Too.many.choices. :rolleyes: So, there is a matte black, distressed black and the black ink and they all came with gunmetal?

    Well, I am sort of stuck with the black ink since I got it on Ebay. Not sure if the seller would exchange for the silver hw and even if she would, I don't know if that is the better way to go.

    I think that the black ink looks shinier in pictures that in does irl. And I do like that it is a dark black, I just wish it was matte. It feels soft, but I worry that it will look, I'm not sure what the right word is, cheaper or plasticy? That doesn't seem like the right way to descrive it because I do think it is a nice bag. I don't know. ..
  15. Yep...9 million black MACs! I'll bet anyone other than the 2 of us who have popped into this conversation has fallen into a deep coma by now...the black MAC saga is a confusing one! :weird:

    Oh, the Distressed Black (DB) has SILVER hw. But about your bag, I too like that it's really, really black, that's unique. And I don't think Ink looks cheap or plasticy at all. There are, IMO, some of the newer glazed leathers that look plasticy, but Ink isn't that highly glazed.

    I think if it were me I'd keep what you have and if you ever decide to add another black MAC to your collection I'd go with the DB with silver hw!