Which Mabel? Please help me decide!


Sep 6, 2007
For several years now I've wanted a Mulberry handbag. I first decided I wanted a Roxanne but never bought it (partly as OH announced it looked like a doctor's bag??), then I wanted a Blenheim but again never bought it as I couldn't decide on a colour and thought it was probably too small, then it was a short-lived love affair for the Kensington before I realised it wasn't beautiful enough. And NOW I have decided I want a Mabel - AND OH has said he will buy it for me:nuts: as he's sick of being dragged round House of Fraser and John Lewis every Saturday so I can stroke them :P

I have narrowed it down to 2 now - the goatskin rose (pale pink) coloured one, or the midnight blue (hmm, looks purple to me!) antiqued leather. But I have the following concerns that I wondered if you could advise me on to help me make that final decision!:

- the suede lining of the front and back pockets - am concerned it will get filthy
- in fact am concerned the bag will get filthy in general due to the colour!

Midnight Blue:
- the leather looks like it marks very easily - will this make it looked lived-in, or knackered??
- i already have a (smallish) purple leather handbag (an Ri2K one which actually looks rather Blenheim-esque)

The midnight blue is £418 from Bicester Village, and the rose is £650 (but £58 back in House of Fraser points if I buy it this Thurs/Fri), but OH says I shouldn't be swayed by the price. Easier said than done by a money-saving addict:rolleyes:

I am driving him mad with my pondering, so I would be mega-grateful if you Mulberry bag-owning professionals could help me in the process! Thanks in advance xxx :heart:


Nov 30, 2006
Bath, UK
Ok - first question is - do you want an all year round bag or a seasonal one?

Rose pink is lovely but it is very summery. Is it a colour you would use in winter too? Re wear & tear, if you spray it liberally with Collonil, it should hold up well. I agree, it will show marks more than the midnight.

The midnight is a fabulous colour & it would be an all year round bag. The only thing you have to be sure of is the antiqued leather. It doesn't mark so much as look 'creased' but that is the style of the leather. If you like a lived-in look, then it would be a great option.

I'm like you re the price - always love a bargain! IMO, the rose pink might date more than the midnight. Go for the one you really, really love.


Always In Need Of...
Mar 17, 2008
Frome, UK
I have an Oak mabel and yes the mabels do tend to mark a bit from general wear and tear, but i think that it makes the bag look better worn in.
Personally go for the Midnight blue, my oak has got dirty over time, and blue is such a lovely colour for that type of bag!!!


Jan 24, 2007
Go for the midnight. The antique leather will mark but the marks/ scratches should blend in time and give it a lived in look. I think the pale pink would just show the dirt!!
Have you seen the piccies of the aqua mabel- that's gorgeous too!


Hula O'Hoop
Mar 21, 2007
Out of those two I would definately go for the midnight. Its more versatile, and more gorgeous!


Sep 16, 2006
Difficult choice. I think it's wise not to be swayed too much by the difference in price (clever, clever DH!)

Rose would be very pretty for summer, midnight could see you though summer and winter. Both have their pros and cons in terms of wear/longevity.

I think you just have to go with whichever one really makes your heart sing :heart:


Sep 6, 2007
Ooh lots of votes for the midnight - just as I'd just about talked myself out of that one because of the scratchable leather (I'm not the least clumsy of people:rolleyes:). Thanks for all your advice everyone, I shall ponder all your comments in detail and hopefully make my decision before 2053!

Then perhaps if I go for the cheaper one, he might go halves on a new camera for me as well:graucho: That's bad isn't it:hrmm:


...get a life..TPF !
Oct 4, 2007
^^^ They had the Midnight at Shepton Mallet yesterday - might still be there......I paid £416 for mine from SM.