Which LV's to purge???? Help me choose please~


Purge which Lv's with the Epi Ivorie speedy?

  1. Epi mandarin speedy

  2. Epi Black soufflot

  3. Epi Red passy pm

  4. Mono beverly mm

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have decided to get a LE bag and need to purge a few LV's to justify this big purchase...

    Here are my options~ I am definitely purging:

    * Epi Ivorie speedy

    But which others???

    1~ Epi Black Soufflot
    2~ Epi Red Passy PM
    3~ Epi Mandarin speedy
    4~ Mono Beverly MM

    I am keeping: Mono sophie, Mono speedy, Damier speedy, Denim Baggy pm, Amarante Brentwood

    I have ordered a Olympe Status PM:heart:

    Thanks everyone!
  2. The epi bags....not a fan of epi. I love the beverly....that's a keeper!
  3. I love Epi bag and my favorite is Red. I love Passy PM and Speedy in Ivory.
  4. What are you using the least, hon? Because that's what I would get rid of first. But if it were me, I'd get rid of the epi mandarin speedy along with the ivoire (because you are already keeping 2 speedys).

    And congrats on the stratus!
  5. beverly mm
  6. I honestly have Not used the black soufflot. I have used the Red passy 1 time, but was kind of waiting for winter:yes:. I love orange...but I have the amarante for fall...so do I need 2 fall bags?

    I have used the beverly a few times
    That is why the ivorie speedy is going..the olympe is ecru (don't need 2 whitish bags)
  7. I like Mono Beverly !
  8. i'd say get rid of the Mandarin Speedy, because you already have two Speedies, and the Mandarin isn't a very versatile color anyway
  9. i vote for the black soufflot since you never use it. or the beverly, since you are keeping a few mono pieces.
  10. Passy vote here!
  11. Keep the Passy and Beverly. Unload the Speedy and Soufflot.
  12. I totally agree !
  13. Keep the epi mandarin Speedy! That's such an amazing bag. I'd dump the soufflot and the passy, and hang onto the beverly as well because it's such a great bag IMO.
  14. Ooohhh... tough one...

    You must have a lot of will power to even think about getting rid of any of those beauties. (May I ask how you do it?)

    I would consider getting rid of Mandarin Speedy or black Soufflot.

    IMO, Mandarin color looks best in the bucket bag style
  15. mandarin speedy gets my vote.