which LV will be your next purchase?

  1. My next LV will be Multicolour URSULA. what about you guys????
  2. Black MC Speedy or Summit in Pomme, can't decide!
  3. Damier Saleya PM or Duomo
  4. It was going to be the waterproof keepall, but I think it might turn out to be the travel birkin. Yes I know I'm cheating on Louis Vuitton, but I'm loving it!
  5. It'll be the Damier Sophie. That's the only thing that is on my list.
  6. Probably either a damier or epi Speedy 30 in black.
  7. nice choices guys...
  8. DBF is buying me a BH for our anniversary...10 years!
  9. why am I after CERISES!!

    + Azur!!

    aaaaaaaaaand a Carryall!

    aand a Berkeley!

    I want it ALL :love:
  10. Miroir lockit (silver) and degrade speedy
  11. Baggy GM for me, then Cerises Speedy, then the Retro
  12. I will buy an amarante french purse. I can deal with the fingerprints...I hope. I'm so excited about the 8 credit card slots. Silly me.
  13. something in the new black denim! or possiibly something in suhali
  14. Azur Saleya PM and possibly the matching cles.
  15. Love tote PM and silver sweet monogram ring or Beverly MM. Depends how long I have to wait for the tote.