which LV wallet will hold a checkbook

  1. I really need a wallet right now I have a coach checkbook organizer. Im in the US and was wondering if the Porte tresor is the right one :O)
  2. I have REALLY been wanting that zippy organizer in mono!
  3. Yes, the zippy organizer will hold one....it's the bigger zippy wallet.
  4. I have the Eugenie wallet and it has tons of space and fits my checkbook. My favorite wallet by far!
  5. the zippy is good because you can hold $$, coins, cards, and checkbook.
  6. Oh I think I like the zippy organizer thanks so much for all the suggestions :O)
  7. I totally love my mono porte tresor!
  8. Good choice:tup: I have the mono Zippy Organizer, little pricey- cost more $ than the Speedy but it can hold so much. You can even use it alone when you need to make a quick trip to the grocery. Hope that helps:angel:
  9. the Eugenie wallet!!!!!