Which Lv Wallet To Buy Phh?

  1. I want to get PHH a wallet...needs to have photo slots and lots of credit cards slots..but he likes his wallets thin...no LV logo ones..he despises mine..LOL...any advice?
  2. [​IMG][​IMG]Louis VuittonBills and Credit Card Holder$390.00
    A classic flat wallet for modern, refined lifestyles. The clean, handsome exterior unfolds to a smart, versatile layout. With two long currency pockets, three credit-card slots, a small pocket, and two open pockets ideal for identification and cards.
    • Taiga leather with calfskin lining
    • Two separate currency pockets, three credit-card slots, small pocket, and two open pockets
    • Embossed with a subtle "LV"
    • 4 ¾" L x 4" H
    I was looking at this one on ELUX?anyone seen it?
  3. i got this for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. i :love: the Taiga line!

    Bookfold wallet with 9 credit card slots, $390
    • Taiga leather with calfskin lining
    • Three flaps for holding currency, nine credit cards, and miscellaneous cards in two extra small pockets
    • Embossed with a subtle "LV"
    • 4" L x 3" H
    taiga 003.jpg taiga 001.jpg taiga 004.jpg
  4. ^ yeuxhonnetes, that is really classy :love:
  5. OOH- I like that!
  6. I am buying my boyfriend a wallet from the Utah line. It's simple, but not too plain (with the extra stitch design) and seems pretty compact.

    I am having a hard time deciding which though, the Compact Zippe or the 6-card holder with removable extension?? :wondering
    utah_compactwallet.jpg utah_6cards.jpg
  7. Lol..your husband is the exact opposite of my dad. He had a monogram billfold one time but he used it so much it wore out (in and out of a pocket is nothing like in and out of a purse) so I got him the Taiga one. Well he has yet to use it. So I got him another monogram billfold and that's what he uses right now.
    But I'd check out the Taiga one..I'm almost tempted to use that one myself...it's got a LOT of card space.
  8. Though this wallet is beautiful, I'll tell you from my experience with wallets and my husband and his need for a "thin" wallet........first of all, you can't get a truly thin wallet that has an ID spot/window, at least not in LV.....I wound up getting him the Damier billfold with 6 credit card slots and that's what fit into his idea of thin the best, anything more gets too thick by the time the fill it up, he has another one in mono can and there was just a tiny bit more to it and it's too thick....
  9. Oooh! I like the Compact Zip one! I kinda like it for myself! lol.:P
  10. NYAOO, get the 6-card holder with removable extension. It's two wallets in one! He's probably not going to use the zip coin pocket anyway.
  11. I looked at this wallet in person for my husband. I'm thinking about getting it for his bday. It's very nice. It only has three credit card slots though. It's so hard to buy a wallet for my husband he's just too picky!

    What do you think of this one? I'm not sure about the opaque cover but that could be used for photos instead of cc's. Not sure of the thickness:

    Louis VuittonBillfold with 9 Credit Card Slots$335.00
    A refined wallet for modern organization. The sleek design has a long currency holder, three credit card slots, and a small pocket on one side. The opposite side has an ID holder with an opaque cover, a small pocket, and a removable opaque holder with six additional credit card pockets.
    • Taiga leather with calfskin lining
    • An opaque pocket for identification, a long pocket for cash, nine credit-card holders, and two extra small pockets
    • Removable opaque credit card holder slips into a special slot
    • Embossed with a subtle "LV"
    • 4.3" L x 3.5" W x 3.5" H
  12. ^ good idea..I will go and look at it in person--Thanks for all your help everyone!
  13. I like this one. Now I know what to get my boyfriend when his Gucci wears out.
  14. WOW! You're too kind! If I had a bf (no one at the moment haha), I'd be like: "Happy B-day! You can take me out to dinner! lol (*ahem...and not spend all that $$$$ on him) "
  15. :lol::lol::lol:

    that was his first LV piece, which completely turned his head and made him fall madly love with it :rochard:! after that i got him a Taiga 6-key holder and the Taiga Viktor messenger bag to match :shame: