which LV wallet should i purchase?

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  1. hello everyone! i was wondering if someone can give me an advice (since i'm not too familiar w/ LV toys) on which wallet to match with my newly purchased Damier Canvas Speedy 30. my gift limit was about $1000 for my b-day and i finally chose to get the Speedy 30 (which was $620) and i still have a few hundreds left. i'm looking for a wallet that's around $400 more or less that has the following:

    -bills compartment (where i can put my bills)
    -coins compartment (it seems hard to find one that also has a bill compartment)
    -of course cards compartment haha
    -preferably in Damier Canvas to match w/ what i have now

    thank you everyone in advance. i appreciate all the help!
  2. Damier Wallet with Zip is about 490 and has all of the above. It is a long-style wallet so no need to fold bills and it CC slots for 10 cards as well as compartments for bills and more cards and a zipped compartment for your coins. I have this wallet in mono and it works very, very well for me since I carry a ton of cards.
  3. The billfold & snap coin wallet, I think it's approx. 450.00.
  4. 2nd this!
  5. how about the brazza wallet? i think it has everything you mentioned but it is a long style wallet. i forgot how much it was though but i'm sure the price is on the forum somewhere.
  6. thank you everyone for your input. i was wondering where can i see more pix of the wallets and the price... because i went on the LV official site and also eLuxury but some of the names of the wallets you told me weren't exactly listed on both websites... i'm not sure which one you were referring to.

    thank you!
  7. i believe they are all on louisvuitton.com but the names may be:

    zipped compact wallet
    snapped billfold and coin purse
    brazza wallet

    it's under catalog>women>wallets and small leather goods>damier canvas
  8. I like the Koala wallet.
  9. ^ john: d'oh, why didn't i suggest that one? i own it!! LOL!
  10. I'd go for the compact zipped wallet because it seems to fit your criteria well. As small as it seems, it can hold quite a bit.
  11. thank you... the wording helped a lot... thanks. i was wondering... what about the Tresor wallet? it says Tresor International... i live in the US... do i still get to purchase it in stores? haha thanks
  12. the tresor is different from the porte tresor internation (aka PTI). the tresor doesn't have actual credit card slots but just pockets for you to stack your cards. also, the length of it is odd as i don't think you can put your cash fully lengthwise. my friend bought this for her mom who only wanted a zipper pocket for coins and an area for cash (folded). she wasn't interested in card slots. so if you want card slots, go w/ the PTI. and the "international" part is just the name, you can buy it in the US or anywhere else in the world really.
  13. ooo i see... so would you recommend the Tresor International (PTI) over the Tresor? is the price lower for the PTI? it shows that it's $495... i think that's the perfect and max price i would pay (for now)... it's the same thing at the actual stores... right? i'm feeling the wallets that are longer (horizontally like the PTI). thank you sooo much!
  14. It also depends if you like smaller or bigger size wallets and if you carry alot.

    I have a pocket organizer to run errands, a snap billfold & coin wallet for my pochettes and organizer etui and also pti for larger purses. I personally don't like the bigger ones and plan to sell them.

    I highly recommend that you go to LV if you can and check them out personally. Get the feel of it and see which one you find most comfortable and convient for your personal use.
  15. I agree with fantastic_3 that you should definitely go check out the wallets at a boutique and actually feel them! I've wanted the Zippy Wallet before, but when I actually held one, it felt SOOO big on me and didn't really fit in my hand very well. Take a look at them and see which suits your lifestyle!