which LV wallet should I get?

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  1. I'm having my first baby this spring, so I'm updating my purse wardrobe. I think I'd really like a larger wallet to carry 'my things' between baby bags. All I have now are the ludlow wallet, credit card holder, and the key cles. I have a kate spade maria wallet that's a good size, but I don't really need to carry a whole checkbook in the wallet, so it's a bit too thick for me. It doesn't need to hold change, either.
  2. I just looked at the Elux site...the port valeurs organizer and the wallet organizer in the mono looked good...there is a damier and epi credit card and yen holder. I really like the cc and yen wallet...if you don't need it to hold change .
  3. Congrats on your baby! How exciting (and the spring is a nice time of year for a new baby).
  4. How about the zippy wallet? (not the zippy organizer which is the only one I see on elux right now). There is also the zipped compact wallet.
  5. Congrats on your baby!! i am so happy for you!:heart: :P how far along are you?!

    i'm bit of a wallet freak...and i've used many of them and this is the best one i've ever used......

    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - LV Monogram Wallet with Zip Pocket

    my baby girl is turning 1 in a few days and she's discovered my purse a few month ago....she takes everything out from my bag and play with every single stuff.....then open my wallet and takes stuff out, i cought her playing with my credit cards last week!! :wtf:
    but she can't get into the zipped part (yet), so i can keep small items like coins and important papers in there ----

    besides, she ends up on my shoulder so often and this wallet is easy to use with just one hand....this is a must!:idea: oh she's up....gotta go!:love:
  6. hmm... I was leaning toward the french purse before, but I like the yen and cc holder. Epi would be new to me. I always loved the mono line because of the vachetta leather, but since wallets don't have any it's not really a selling point.
  7. I'm at 17 weeks right now, should be finding out this friday if it's a boy or a girl.

    I have a Prada zippered wallet that I barely use because the zipper seems so awkward, but maybe I should take it out and use it for a while to get a new feel for it.
  8. I agree with sopia618, I have that wallet and it is the best I've ever used as well
  9. what does the inside look like? (that's the only thing I dislike about elux... not enough pictures)
  10. I have the Zippy Organizer it's big but wonderful, it's just so easy to find in a bag and easy to use. (I have a baby as well so need easy access)!
  11. I used to use a combination of Ludlow, cles, and cardholder too!

    Eventually it was too cumbersome and I switched to the Pochette wallet. It's so much more convienient, and the new ones have tons of card space.
  12. yeah, that one's definitely a frontrunner...
  13. The roomiest of all are the zippy organizer wallets-sounds like it might be perfect for you! :smile:
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