Which LV wallet should I get my DH?

  1. Hello all! I've decided to get my DH a LV wallet for Valentine's Day. He's bought me a lot of beautiful LV stuff and I think it is time for him to join the club! Can you LV addicts recommend one? He currently carries a black coach wallet that he stuffs into the back pocket of his khakis. I need to know if there's an LV out there that can 1) fit in his pocket and 2) handle the abuse. No change pocket is necassary just bill fold and CC pockets a plus would be a little window to store pix of our two kids.

    The good thing is that if he doesn't like the wallet I can always take it back for the store credit to buy something for me!!!! I already let him know about the vernis heart for my Vday present (and encouraged him to get on the waitlist---our 3 boutiques are in his cell phone address book!) LOL

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. My DH has this ratty agenda, so I thought I would be sweet and buy him an LV Taiga small agenda for his birthday. Well, six months later he is STILL using the ratty agenda, and I have started using the Taiga agenda that I had bought him. Lesson: some men might be happy buying us expensive purses, but as for themselves, they prefer shoving that coach wallet into their back pocket, or in my DH's case, carrying that agenda held together with rubber bands.
  3. I just saw the Taiga billfold pic and it actually looks perfect for him!!! I'm leaning towatd the darker brown color. Thanks for the tip. He's pretty conservative but LOVES all things expensive (that are given to him--he won't buy his own) so I think he may be able to get used to using the wallet!
  4. can't go wrong with the billfold with 6 cc slots in mono canvas. simple and easy to use!
  5. My dad has both the Monogram billfold and the Taiga billfold and really likes them both :yes:
  6. Thanks everyone. When I get the chance I'll check them out.
    Any guys out there with some first hand advice?
  7. I got DH a taiga wallet with picture window, but it was 4 yrs ago. It's nice yet very subtle.

    I am really loving the Utah 6 cards and bill holder. It's stylish. I think I might get that for DH for his bday in a few months.
  8. The utah wallets, are MY FAVOURITE for men!
  9. A Taiga billfold would be perfect!!! :biggrin:
  10. Thanks John...I was actually hoping for a response from you since I can tell from TPF that you have exquisite taste!

    Rishin & Qtiekiki I think I am too selfish to spend that much on a wallet for my hubby (he wouldn't appreciate it either) but if money were no object that Utah would be his, it is divine!
  11. just a suggestion:
    my sa has been telling me for at least 2 months that LV will come out with a slim wallet with a money clip attatched. it should come in a few styles to start (he was guessing damier, mono, maybe epi) and I just can't WAIT! That will be my bf's first piece of LV. Prob is, it didn't make it in time for holiday, so they say about feb/march.
    I keep asking about it, he tells me to keep waiting and lay off buying a different one until then.
  12. Awww... thnks. :love:

    I am a big fan of the Taiga Bookfold wallet with nine credit card slots for only $405. I would get that for my dad since he carries around a lot of cards. :yes:

    I also suggest the Taiga Bills and Credit Card Holder.

    What I don't suggest is getting a wallet with a coin pocket... it's waay to thick and looks a bit funky IMO.
  13. I got my DH the taiga bookfold wallet for his bday. and he loves it!