Which LV wallet do you like?

  1. So I got my LV mono Riveting bag last month but I don't have a matching wallet to go with it...yet. I do have an azur pochette wallet, a damier koala wallet, and a french purse in the white MC. I've been using the azure pochette with it but it just doesn't go together.:hysteric:

    Any suggestions on a good wallet to go with my Riveting bag? I don't like to have the same wallet in 2 (or more) of the LV lines and I'm having the hardest time deciding on one.:shrugs: Which LV wallet is your fave?
  2. Right now I am loving my pomme zippy, and I use it with my riveting bag.
  3. Hmm, I'll keep it in mind. Thank you:biggrin:
  4. What about a Pomme Zippy? I think it'll go great together!!!
  5. My fave mono wallet EVER is the travel wallet that has a removable passport holder. I use the removable part to keep receipts, medical, discount cards, etc since I am not a traveler. Or I also use it was a small wallet when I carry a tiny bag.

    It is just big enough for a checkbook but still seems like a small wallet as it does fit in my pochette. Has a zipper pouch, open slot for cash in the top and plenty of places for cards. Works well nearly empty or everstuffed .I have never liked a wallet so much and had to get my mom one because she loved mine so and she doesnt even like LV! lol

    They currently have it on elux. I ADORE it. Highly recommend it since it's like two wallets in one.

    Louis Vuitton
    Zipped Wallet with ID Paper Holder $665.00

    Though the exterior is classically spare and beautiful, the interior of this full-featured wallet offers an abundance of storage options. A wraparound zipper protects a divided coin purse with gusseted sides, while the snapped strap opens to an extra-deep currency pocket, credit-card slots, and two pockets. A removable holder has opaque windows to neatly store identification papers.
    Monogram canvas with textured leather lining and golden hardware
    Removable leather ID holder with opaque windows (3.5" x 5.25")
    Zipped coin purse with divider and expandable sides
    Five credit-card slots, two side pockets (one for storing the ID holder), and a deep currency pocket
    4.5" L x 6.4" H


    I also have the riveting bag but am currently carrying a black multicolore pochette PM wallet inside it. It is my newest and I actually like it a lot too. Much more than a PTI.
  6. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  7. I suggest the PTI, one of my FAVE wallets of all time.
  8. My fave is the PTI in pink or red vernis or MC!:smile:
  9. wow--- I agree with the pomme zippy........NICE!!
  10. Anything pomme is good!! :yes::yes:
  11. PTI in Framboise or Pomme would be delightful and sexy :drool:
  12. I like the Monogram Koala.
  13. i like the mono zippy wallet