Which Lv wallet do you like better & why? links inside

  1. I'm having a really hard time deciding between the three. Got # 3 but now that I have it at home I'm having second thoughts. Can I exchange an LV wallet purchased at Neimans at another Neimans location (easier to get to)?

    #1 Monogram Canvas Wallet with Zip Pocket

    #2) Alexandra

    #3) French Purse
  2. I like the french purse, I like the way the card slots are lined up, plus I think its so cute. I have the eugenie and I love it!!!
  3. I like the french purse as well, but if your having second thoughts, then get the one that you want. You should be able to exchange them at a different location as long as you have the receipt.
  4. I have the #1 myself but in Damier canvas, so I perfer that one. I like the model very much cause' it's very roomy, you fit everything in it.:okay:
  5. I like #1 because I prefer long wallets.
  6. My favorite is #2) Alexandra

    I need to have an ID window. I hate pulling my ID out all the time.

    I tried the french wallet but I found the bill slot to deep. Be sure to try putting your dollars in any of the wallets you are looking at before you buy it.
  7. I love the look of the #3 but after I put all my junk in there, I'm not so sure it's roomy enough. I actually put some dollar bills in it at the store and it was fine. Different story when I put all my credit cards etc in there at home.
  8. I love #1...the others seem too small for me.
  9. I agree with RWolfeOH and BagLuver I love long wallets and I do think the other two wallets are too small.
  10. I have #1 in Pomme Vernis. I love it. I like a long wallet to fit my bills in and I like how when you open the flap everything is right there and you can see everything at once.
  11. I have all those styles. I think the french purse is so classy and stylish, love the coin purse and the metallic snap (wish they hadn't discontinued the longer version). The pochette is a great style too, real easy to get your things in and out, perfect for travelling or when doing a lot of shopping (LOL!). I got the alexandra in azur for christmas and although it's kind of thick, it's still different in a functional way, I'm going to exchange it for the white MC. Yes, you can exchange it at another Neimans so long as they have an LV boutique. You should try the eugenie, holds a lot yet still not thick at all, I love that one too!
  12. i'm so glad you posted this. i'm struggling with the same thing. i'm down to the french purse or the pochette and i can't decide which. i have all the ones you mentioned here- i need to make a return, too. i'm even thinkgin i'll just go with some other wallet in the meantime until ican decide! ugh! let me know what you choose- good luck!!!
  13. Wow, sweetpurple you have all three! Do you find the French Purse (compact) practical? I need to choose one that I'm gonna use for a long time since it was a Christmas gift from my sweetie.
  14. I have the pochette (#1), it is my first LV wallet and my first long wallet.... I LOVE IT!! I think it's the best wallet I have ever owned!!
    Good luck with your decision!
  15. #1 or #2. Probably #1 more, looks more roomy and practical!