Which LV tote is the best for travel?

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  1. Hi everyone, I need your help!

    I am trying to decide between the following three tote bags. I would like to use the bag for travel as my carry on and sightseeing/shopping bag.

    I love the simple beauty of the Marylebone but do not own anything else in DE and am slightly worried about the leather cracking.

    I love the new fuchsia interior of the Neverfull but am ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391306517.744892.jpg worried the bag is too "open" for security reasons.

    I love that the Raspail has a zipper option and a beautifully colored interior but worry that the handles might be too upright to fit under the seat on an airplane.

    Of the three I have tried on the Marylebone and the Neverfull but have never seen the Raspail in person.

    I am 5'3" and I like the PM size in all three.

    Please help!!! :smile: Thanks!
  2. Have you try the Totally MM? It has a zipper and size like the Neverfull. The handles can lay down without bending it.
  3. The Totally is the perfect travel bag. I have a Mon Mono Neverfull which I love, but the totally is much better for travel. With pockets galore, a zipper top, and flat comfortable straps,, this bag is ideal for travel! Love mine!
  4. Love my Neverfull.... Great everyday and travel bag!!!
  5. Westminster, it has a zipper and looks great for day or evening!
  6. I agree with the recommendations of the Totally. It gives you the security with the zipper and the handles are flexible. I wouldn't bend the handles on the Marylebone because it may cause cracking. The NF is great for travel but it sounds like the Totally would fit your needs best.
  7. Totally. A lot of youtuber's rave about this bag for traveling & see I've seen it quite often @ airports.
  8. Another vote for the Totally for travel, it has the most comfy straps/handles and they fold down, zipper, two sides pockets for convenience :smile:
  9. Another vote for totally mm. I think the pm options are too small for travel...
  10. Totally MM
  11. I would say Raspail for the different handles shape and
    that I prefer sometimes a bag I can choose to zip up
  12. Totally MM or Westminster MM
  13. Wow everyone seems to love the Totally and I had not even considered it. I guess in terms of looks I like the other 3 a bit better.

    Any thoughts from people who own the Marylebone, Neverfull or Raspail?


    Or keep up other suggestions of your favorite travels bags :smile:
  14. I have just bought the Speedy b 30 in de and plan to use it for travel and as a general holiday/sightseeing/ shopping bag. I was considering the Marylebone pm as I really like it. The reason I did not go with the Marylebone was because of it having no zipper security and also the fact that the handles stay upright all the time. I would always be worried about bending and damaging those straps on such a pricey bag. The Speedy will be more durable. I do like the idea of the Neverfull for travel, but it would have the same problems as the Marylebone. However the Marylebone's opening is better than the Neverfull when cinched. When I went to Dubai at Christmas I saw many ladies travelling with the Neverfull mm. If the open top does not bother you than Neverfull MM might be good. The Totally MM also would be good if you want a Tote style. After reading the other posts above I wish I had considered and tried on the Totally, as I tend to prefer shoulder bags.
  15. I would go for a zippered bag, so raspail or totally!