Which LV tote for me?

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  1. I'm 5'2" (but mostly wear heels)! I can't decide between these four bags:

    - Cabas Piano
    - Cabas Mezzo
    - Luco
    - Babylone

    I'm pretty thin, I like big bags but I don't want it to look like luggage on me, especially since I'm short. I'm afraid the Cabas Piano might seem too small, but the mezzo too big? What do you think of Luco or Babylone?

    Thanks, guys! :yahoo:
  2. I'd choose between the Cabas Piano or the Babylone. Cabas Piano seems a bit more relaxed (with a slight slouchy look) while the Babylone is more structured. Personal choice, really =) good luck!!
  3. The piano would be a sure fit but the luco would look unproportional because its so large and cornered
  4. can I suggest the batignolles?
  5. This one doesn't appeal to me for some reason. I love it on other ladies, though! :idea:
  6. I like the Cabas Piano.
  7. I like Cabas Mezzo just because I think it's bigger and I like the shape.
  8. Thanks, Everlong! I agree, might be too constructed...
  9. cabas piano.
  10. I :heart: Cabas piano. I too love big bags, but since I'm petite, I don't want my bags to cover my whole body. I find Cabas to be the perfect size for me.
  11. I'm petite too, I like the Cabas Piano, in fact, it's going to be my next purchase!
  12. Cabas Mezzo =) But I personally want the Alto.
  13. piano
  14. Cabas Piano! :heart: I think it'll look great on you and be a perfect sized tote :smile:
  15. Piano or Mezzo
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