Which LV Tote Bag Do You Like???

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  1. what does everyone like because i know some of them have zippers some dont and others have different straps and other differences which one do you prefer????:heart:
  2. Generally I have a damier chealsie that I use for a tote. I prefer something with a zipper so if it is bad weather it can be closed. It is also big enough for anything that needs to be tote-bagged!;)
  3. I love the Damier Chelsea too, and the Azur Saleya MM and GM. Also love the Cabas Mezzo even though I see a lot of fake ones (that's probably my main reason for not getting one yet).

    I generally don't like anything without a zipper.... if I pay this much for a bag, I want a zipper! Plus I live in the city and it bothers me to have open bags.
  4. I'd prefer totes with a zipper, not too thick straps and long straps!
  5. My all time favorite is the batignolles v, then next would be neverfull mm, palermo, and cabas mezzo. In this order
  6. Damier Chelsea is my fave. Also like the BV.
  7. I like my multipli-cite. It has a zipper closure plus outside side pockets for easy access of keys, cell phone, and other stuff.
  8. with zipper.. i always feel secure with zippers.. right now i really love tahitiennes... palermo gm is also very nice too..
  9. damier chelsea