Which LV to visit in the LA area?

  1. I'm having a shopping spree when I go to LA :yahoo: , but which LV to go to? I know there's one in The Beverly Center Shopping Mall, but are there any others in other malls that you guys can reccomend?
  2. There's one on Rodeo Drive!! :yes: Have fun on your shopping spree!
  3. Rodeo Drive for sure...and be sure to go upstairs too. The one inside the Beverly Center is way too small. It is definitely worth it to go to Rodeo. They have all the fabulous stores. Enjoy your trip.
  4. they have the one at the Bev Center (closed mall), one in the Century City mall (open mall) which is about 10 mins drive from Bev Center, then there's Rodeo Drive which is in between the two (location wise). I personally have never been to the one on Rodeo as I would never take my kids down there and they are usually attached to my hip. It's a pain in the butt to park down there, street parking only (bring lots of change) and most of the stores are really expensive. Also it depends on if it's raining or not. If you prefer to be in a mall, check out the other two:

    Beverly Center

    Westfield Experience the New Century

    I highly recommend going to Tiffany & Co. too which you can find either at Rodeo or Century City mall.

    There is also one at the Hollywood & Highland mall which IMO is a sucky mall and not worth the time unless you are going to be going down the Walk of Fame or to Mann's Chinese Theater, then go there. And if you are going to be in Orange County, the one at the South Coast Plaza is nice!
  5. tyvm for this info :smile: i was looking for something in a closed mall so those two you linked look great. :heart:
  6. If you decide to go to Orange County, my favorite one to go to is South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa off the 405 freeway. They have LV, Gucci, Chanel, Hermes and lots more...Have fun on your shopping spree!!!
  7. South Coast or Rodeo Drive. Beverly Center is really not that great. As for parking on Rodeo, there is a GREAT parking garage to park your car in called Via Rodeo. It's valet and is climate controlled; really plush and the first 2 hours are free. It's so much easier to park in there than on the street.
  8. The one in Beverly Hills on Rodeo is much larger than Beverly Center or Century City Mall. If you go to Beverly Hills you can park at Barneys or Saks and walk over . . .
  9. Century City - the first 3 hours of parking are free.
  10. South Coast Plaza definitely, just make sure the manager with blonde hair (since I cant name names) doesnt help you. Biggest Bi*ch walking the planet.