which LV to use today..tomorrow..the day after tomorrow??

  1. I was wondering about people who have loads LVs, especially who have a lot of day to day LV bags, how do you manage to use them? For me I have only 3 LVs ; neverfull MM, Alma Damier, and Epi petit Noe and Plan to buy Montorgueil PM and Tivoli GM. Everyday I use Neverfull MM as my day to day bag but thinking about if I buy Montorgueil,what about my neverfull MM, I don't know whether I will use her as often as before. Even more when I get Tivoli.... Heeeeheee. My husband said to me that my life is so hard, can't decide which LV i will use.
  2. My bags are not constrained to specific colors or timings.. so I just wear what I feel like wearing on the spot ...

    So there are days where your going to feel like wearing the neverfull and other days for the montorgeil..
  3. I hv a couple of LVs and some other branded like Miu miu and coach..... so depending on my mood I use whatever I feel like on that very day... ;)
  4. Well my multicolor speedy(white) only gets used in the summer and only on nice bright sunny days. (even then i've maybe used this bag 2 dozen times since owning when it first came out in 2003)

    My pink denim only for summer, my blue denim speedy anytime but not often at all( I have used that bag maybe a handful of time since owning it in 2005) My blue baggy anytime

    So as you can see I dont really have an lv/coach (or whatever) everyday bag, I just use certain ones for certain seasons and other then that just pick one and go.

    I am just simply a shopoholic and love buying bags :biggrin:
  5. I have several LV bags and 1 Gucci tote that I use. Of course some get used more than others, but I try to rotate them every 1-2 weeks.
  6. I use my azur speedy in spring/summer only. I'll probably put away my mirage speedy for the summer. I'll use my black neo cabby whenever I feel like it and use my patchwork speedy in the spring and summer. My mono speedy is used when I'm going somewhere and I don't want to really baby my bag.
  7. I guess I just use whatever I'm the mood for, as long as it matches what I'm wearing and depending on the weather too. If it's raining ... my Damier's get used a lot.
  8. depends on the mood...
    the weather...
    (My Epi's and Damier for rain and Mono and also damier for fair days)
    the occasion or the outfit...
  9. I use my Tivoli GM as my everyday bag, my Neverfull is my "briefcase/diaper bag" so its full of papers and toddler items, my Rosewood is for going out, I also rotate my Gucci large horsebit hobo and my Multipli-cite into the everyday lineup. I love to put my Speedy into the rotation but that is in hiding for a few more months since I got it soon after my Tivoli to beat the price increase! I do use it as a day bag when I know I won't see my husband during the day!!! lol So thats how I use my bags-I love to take them out-it'd be a shame to always keep them in the closet-never to see the light of day!!
  10. What she said..:yes:
  11. fortunately for me I have only 3 to choose from:

    BV - good size, everyday bag
    Coussin - smaller bag when I don't want to carry too much
    Sophie - going out bag
  12. At the moment, I'm pretty much only using my speedy 40 because I need room for all of my junk when I go to school, and I also never know how the weather will turn out and I don't want to get stuck in rain or snow with something LE or not for sale anymore.