which LV to go to?

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  1. i am making my first lv boutique purchase today (mono speedy 30)! :yahoo:

    i'm heading out after work, and am trying to decide which boutique is best. i want to have a good experience, since that's part of the reason i'm buying from the store and not elux. :yes:

    any suggestions?

    king of prussia
    short hills
    garden state plaza

    kop and gsp are both the same distance from me, and short hills is only about 20 or so minutes closer, so i'm not worried about that. please share any stories/sa suggestions you may have!
  2. I'v heard good things about KOP and GSP. I say KOP!
  3. Garden State Plaza! I'm probably going there tomorrow or next week!

    If you PM me I can let you know the name of my SA (and another wonderful SA), I'd rather not post it.
  4. I use short hills,
    love it, always get my items I waitlist and get excellent service.