Which LV to get?

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  1. Hi, I am thinking of getting a LV messanger bag and don't know which one to get. I already own Navigilio in DE and I am thinking of getting either the Abbesse in Monogram or Brooklyn in DE. Any advice?
  2. I like the Brooklyn better if you are ok with the name plate...Matthewlikeslv did a really good YouTube video of it...I think the MM looks really sharp.
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    Are you after leather or coated canvas or canvas (damier geant)? big or small? north-south or east-west?

    To date, LV's messenger that i like best is the Roman in Taiga.
  4. I am after leather or coated canvas. I prefer bigger bags I guess. I like the North-South (the one from the Fall Winter 2012 campaign) and I like the East-West in Damier Geant I guess. I also want the Yayoi Kusama Keepall bandouliere. lol:smile: