Which LV to carry to wedding?

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  1. Hi:

    I'm new to this forum. Though I've had one or two posts before, I officially say "hi" to everyone here ... what a great place, I :heart: it !!!

    I have a question. So far I have a Multicolor Shirley, Mini Pleaty, and Monogram Canvas Speedy 25. Which one should I carry to my friend's wedding in July? ... Thinking of getting the Vernis Lexington Pouch ...

    What do you guys think?
  2. What do you plan on wearing? Or do you do as i do...plan around what purse I'm carrying?? in that case, I'd say the Lexington is super classy and perfect for such an occasion!!
  3. I vote for either the Shirley or the Lexington!
  4. carry the smallest most elegant one you have.
  5. I think you should go with the Shirley (or the Lexington, if you get one). I always bring small bags to stuff like that.
  6. For a wedding, I think the Lexington would be the best choice.
  7. Thanks all :love:

    I think I will go with the Lexington ... just love that fuchsia color.

    Yeah I plan around what purse I'm carrying. But I think with this super classy Lexington things can hardly go wrong :biggrin:

    OK now I have to save up for that baby ...
  8. If the MC Shirley was white then take that one.
  9. I will be wearing the wapity for a wedding this summer :smile:
  10. Ooohhh... the lexington!!
  11. Hmmm...I say shirley in white:biggrin:
  12. what color is the shirley and what color is the mini pleaty?
  13. Shirley or Lexington. Both are small and stylish
  14. My Shirley is white, and mini pleaty blue. I wouldn't think carrying my pleaty to the wedding though :biggrin:

    Now I have this dilemma ... Quite many of you suggested carrying the Shirley (instead of Lexington), is it because it is more recognizable as an LV? But I really love that fuchsia color :cry:
  15. IMO, go with what you love. I personally wouldn't make a decision on what bag to carry based on whether or not it is "recognizable" to people.
    Since you're really leaning towards the fuchsia lexington, your decision has already been made. :yes: