Which LV to buy with my bday $$$

  1. Girls and boys

    I am in the biggest dilemma ever!
    I have had my heart set on the manhattan PM for as long as time has exsisted hahaha well as long as Ive been born and LV has exsisted, i have enough money now... but don't know if I want to spend that much anymore. CRAZY TALK I KNOW!

    What should I do... none of my friends are telling me.

    If not the manhattan what else? I want a bag!

    I don't want a speedy though, which everyone keeps suggesting.. and I was just given the gorgeous Beverly
  2. mmm.......... just buy it? hehe
  3. :p if you have the money, and have been lusting this bag for looooong time, and buying this bag will not going to cause you any trouble, then buy it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! LV price will always increase + i never return a bag before, but some people say that if you have buyer remorse LV will return your money back within 14 days.
  4. oooooooooooooooook!! *clears throat*


    I'd get a fuschia speedy because it's TDF! Next I'd pick the Beverly MM, then the popincourt haut, and finally batignolles vertical. I know you said you didn't want the speedy, but THIS IS NEO FUSCHIA!!! (different, completely!) hahaha~~~the rest of my suggestions can also get you a wallet or scarf, inclusion or even earrings or a bracelet.........

    oh yeah- can't forget the MC- I'd get the black Priscilla, black Trouville or the black URSULA (of course!) haha~~

    can't wait to see pics and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  5. I think you need a black sac epi montaigne to go with those shoes:nuts:
  6. Go for the manhattan if you have been dreaming about if for so long!
  7. get the manhattan pm! it's gorgeous and it would put an end to your lusting :biggrin:
  8. a black MC alma would be great
  9. I would go ahead and just get the Manhattan PM since you have been wanting it for a long time now. If you get something else you might regret not getting it.
  10. Go for your dream bag and continue saving that way it won't hurt so bad.
  11. Ohh everyone here is so fantash!

    Thank you for helping moi...

    I am so confused, I probably will end up buying it.
  12. Can you visit the store and try a few bags on and see what you will adore?? At times,I am the same and have second thoughts and try to ensure it is the right bag for me. Good LUCK:heart:
  13. :woohoo:MANHATTAN!!!:woohoo:
    even the name is so glamorous...
  14. If you have saved up for that bag, you must love it to death, then you have to get that bag!!! Maybe your just scared because its your first big purchase but if thats the bag youve been lusting over then i wouldnt change my mind and get something else, you will regret it! xx
  15. If you love it, you should get the Manhattan PM. I've considered getting it in the past, but I always talk myself out of it because it seems expensive for a smaller-ish bag, and whenever I've tried it on, it feels weird on my arm, almost clunky? Maybe it's the buckles, not sure.