Which LV that you used to be really crazy about but ended up not getting?

  1. Why did you not get it? :P

    Mine is white MC speedy as it's kinda off my budget and I'm not really a fan of ebay to sourse for a used one. It's still in my wishlist for the future though I'm not as crazy as I used to be.
  2. For me it's alco the MC speedy. The logo's fainting of, the price and the flashyness of it holded me back. I still love it (nuts)
  3. Suhali Le fab in white. If i chose to get this i wouldn't be able to have 3 other LV bags.hmmm may be next time...or may be a sugar daddy can give me, any one?:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :upsidedown:
  4. the cerises speedy at this time, and i dont know how i could miss that :crybaby:
    now also the mc white speedy and a suhali le fab (just out of my range):love:
  5. Black MC Trouville. I still yearn for it, but at that price I needed more than just a handheld bag. It was too small for the crook of my arm.
  6. I loved the Manhattan PM but decided against it and got poppincourt instead.
  7. I was head on going to get the Cerise Agenda PM...but at the last minute they decided not to produce it and I saved up for something else....little did I know they ended up releasing it months later...but I was glad since I was almost done saving up for the Keepall...
  8. MC speedy (1st bag I wanted and wanted)
    Mini pleaty (thought it was too flashy)
    Segur pochette (thought it was too small)..I still have dreams about it
  9. I was really crazy about the popincourt haut... for a time I thought it was the BEST looking bag ever and that I would HAVE TO have it. I had seen it in stores and tried it on on several occassions but after a month or 2 later I began feeling like the piping on the sides made the bag a bit busy and I didnt like how the end of the zipper stuck out so next thing I know I didnt want it one bit anymore.... I now want the cavas piano. Funny how fast we can like something and a month later we are completely over it.

    I also wanted the MC trouville in white for awhile but the lemming for that died when I realized that a MC bag is a bit much and way too flashy for the area I live in and that I probably would not feel comfortable using it and as a result it would just sit in my closet. I prefer not to stand out on the street so im sticking to small MC items only. :P
  10. Brown/pink CB papillon. When I first fell in love with this bag, I always searched on eBay for one. Then, after losing an auction for a so-so conditioned on by $10, I really didn't consider looking for one any more. I mean, I still looked at the auctions, but never considered bidding again. I figured that the CBs will rub off with time and for that fact I'd probably use my bag very little.
  11. NONE LOL I'm just saving for them!!!!!
  12. I guess mine is the elipse pm, I was going to get it on my honeymoon 7 years ago but it was out of stock when we went to LV so I wound up getting a prada bag with all the accessories instead. Now the bag is almost twice the $$ it was then, which isn't THAT big of a deal, but I just don't want it enough and have found other bags I rather have (plus am not buying mono canvas anymore b/c I have enough). Anyway, I would be happy if I had it now, but I don't feel like I want it enough anymore to go out and buy it, plus it has been faked to death since I first wanted it and I'm almost bored of seeing the bag......oh well, maybe I'll get the little mini elipse one of these days....
  13. Petite bucket. Its really too small for an every day bag for me. I have bought other bags since, and if I ever have some spare cash I will probably end up getting it because its so cute.
  14. exactly what you said!
  15. i regret not getting cerise speedy