which lv sunglass is that one??

  1. Hello
    I ve seen these video. I like the sunglass. She is defently at a lv store. Can somebody identify which sunglass she wears?

    here the link:

  2. No, sorry but she was deffinatly in a drink/coffee shop, and I couldnt see anything clearly in that video.:s
  3. l'evidence in red/burgandy
  4. Could not tell. Very blurry.
  5. I think that they were the Evidence in burgandy also.
  6. god i despise vanessa hudgens...
    but theyre def the evidence sunglasses. :yes:
  7. I think I ve found a pic where she wears the sunglass.

    can that one be from lv?
  8. second that! and yes they look like the evidence ones