Which LV style do you like best? which styles you least like?

  1. Me, I am forever a MONOGRAM girl. Followed maybe by EPi leather...(next purchase will be an epi mandarin speedy bag for sure!)

    My least liked style is Multicolore just because its heavy and too colorful for me.

    No offense folks!!;)

    what about your favorite styles and least favorite?
  2. I love the Mono, but I can't stand it in Multicolore! Too loud.
    Don't like the denim at all, or the mini prints.
    Damier is okay. I love Damier in large bags!
    I don't like handheld bags at all, only shoulder ones, which is good since it saves me money, LOL.
    There are quite a few bag styles and materials that I think are absolutely hideous, but I won't mention them.
  3. most fav: damier, right now.
    least fav: can't say bc if I see enough pics of people with something I previously was disinterested in, inevitably, I start falling in love. this place does that to me...but, it's a good thing bc I like to be open minded, not pre-judge, and learn to like/love things maybe I didn't before (except my ex hubby bc he is a meany!)
  4. That is a tough choice, I can't really decide on a favorite between epi and vernis.

    My least favorite would probably be the mini monogram but that's not really true as I really like the pink ones :Push: they are just not my style. Ugh, this is impossible!!
  5. My Fav would have to be the epi, followed by the mono and the damier
    My least fav would be the MC...It's just not ME, just it looks good on other people. I love hand-held bags and I have only one shoulder bag (the pouchette in epi lol) but my next purchase will be the epi soufflot in black followed by the red speedy 25...
  6. i love damier, epi, mono, and white MC equally much but i don't like all the bags in those lines, only certain bags. i don't really like any the seasonal lines, except maybe the cerises and cherry blossom.
  7. Mono followed by damier. Honestly.. I'm not really an epi person. I haven't been able to find an epi piece that screams my name.
  8. My current fave right now is the new Damier Azur---it's so pretty and refreshing! It makes me want to buy multiple bags from this line. :heart:

    As for least fave, I don't know. Sometimes I think I don't like something, then I'll see another PFer post a pic of her wearing it and I'll instantly love it. lol. So, now I'm pretty open to styles that I thought I would never love. In fact, just recently, I've fallen in love with the Popincourt and I thought it was ugly and awkward for the looongest time. DH actually initiated my love for it by saying how much *he* loved it and thought it would look really cool on me! lol!
  9. I fall in and out of styles a lot, but what keeps me most interested is the mono and damier (even though I don't own any damier, yet). I kinda wish epi had bag styles that appealed to me, but so far a lot of them have just been okay (except for the speedy and the alma, which I find super hot!). I guess I have boring taste, lol. I think mc looks nice, but I don't think I'll own anything from that line (because it's too pricey and I know it's a style I'll get tired of quick)...

    If I had to say what I really don't like, it would be the super trendy, temporary lines like graffiti, perfo, and miroir (I think those are temporary...???)...they're okay, but I know they're not for me.
  10. classic mono, damier, epi... those are my faves! i also loved the cerises line, last year!
  11. I love Suhali and Multicolore. I also like the various limited edition collections, such as the Charms, Trompe L'Oeil, CB, and CB Satin.

    Epi and Damier are the lines that don't really appeal to me.
  12. I'm all over the place. I love my white my franges speedy, but mostly for the fringe. Otherwise, I dislike both MC colors--all that brass:yucky: Ditto for the Suhali line.
    I especially dislike the cutsey patterns like cerise and panda. Groom's okay, but I exchanged the piece I bought for a mono wallet. I love how the vernis looks but it discolors and would be too hard to take care of. I really hate the current leopard/mono mix and particularly dislike the faux-tortoise shell linked handles.
    I love my fuschia perfo speedy and have my eye on some regular mono bags. I want to like the damier but everytime i go in to buy something from that line something else catches my eye.
    I like the blue denim, but not any other colors. I didn't like the chains from last summer either. As for styles, I really don't like the Lenore, Theda, Audra. Thank goodness LV has lots of different styles to chose from!!
  13. I love mono, MC, and damier (before joining the forum I was not a fan of damier but you all won me over!).

    I'm not a fan of epi and Damier Azure but I've never actually looked at them in real life so I don't rule those out either.

    In the end
  14. Epi is my favourite, and I like damier's (ebony and azur) subtlety.

    However, I could be in a minority as far as the 'scarf' design as the leopardskin go!
  15. I love the Fuchsia Vernis -- wish I could find more :smile: