Which LV speedy to choose

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm looking for an everyday bag that can double as a work bag and a weekend bag. I've been using a longchamp le pliage for some time now, and while I love the lightweight and spaciousness of it, I am finding that it can look a bit sloppy at times and I'm veering towards a more professional chic look at work these days. I love the richness of an all-leather bag, but sometimes they can get quite heavy and I've realised I don't carry my heavy bags much and they don't get much use. Please help me choose!

    I'm considering 4 options:
    1. LV speedy 30 monogram
    2. LV speedy 25 empreinte burgundy
    3. Preowned LV speedy epi 30 in red
    4. Longchamp le pliage cuir small tote

    Pros and cons:
    1. LV speedy 30 monogram
    Pros: super lightweight, low pricepoint, great size for everyday essentials, I like the monogram print, would easily use it for travel
    Cons: may be too casual for work? also a bit common in my country

    2. LV speedy 25 empreinte burgundy
    Pros: Soooooo gorgeous, I love the richness of the leather and gold hardware, option to carry as handheld or crossbody with the strap
    Cons: significantly more expensive than the other options, haven't seen irl so not sure how heavy it is, prefer the 30 size to 25

    3. Preowned LV speedy epi 30 in red
    Pros: also love the epi line, and like the red as a pop of colour
    Cons: Haven't seen one in a boutique for ages so might have to go the pre-owned route. Also remember it being relatively heavy

    4. Longchamp le pliage cuir small tote
    Pros: good price point, relatively light, all-leather
    Cons: Already have the regular nylon le pliage, and my heart is leaning towards LV rather than longchamp although both are good brands...
  2. Speedy 30 in Mono - simply timeless.
  3. +1 =)
  4. Definately speedy 30!
  5. Seems like most of the votes are for monogram speedy! I hear the siren call of the empreinte though... The luscious leather and the saturated color, although in reality I think the 30 size would suit me better than the 25. Those who voted the empreinte, care to share why? I'm clearly looking for reasons to love the empreinte! Haha
  6. Mono Speedy 30 - so classic! FYI, the red epi Speedy is discontinued -- LV hasn't done a red Speedy in several years now, so you'd have to find one pre-owned...and I love a red bag!!
  7. I love the look of the empreinte line it beautiful. This speedy is on my wish list. The 25 seems to be small for some people but I think it all depends on how much you plan on carrying.
  8. mono speedy 30
  9. Mono Speedy 30. It's a classic.
  10. Mono speedy 30.
    Epi speedy is nice but very heavy.
    I don't carry mine anymore.
    Just enjoy looking at her. Ha!
  11. Mono Speedy 30...classic! Have you considered Mono Speedy B30? Having the strap would be handy.
  12. Yes I was considering the B30 too... the strap would be very useful. But it seems so much more expensive just for that tiny strap! It's 200 pounds more for the strap on the speedy which is only about 450 pounds... so 50% more expensive just for that strap. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that if it's worth it!
  13. Monogram Speedy 30! I just bought one and love it!
  14. Different and way more luxurious. I was in the mall and LV tonight. Every girl had a speedy, mainly DE. No one had empreinte.
  15. Speedy 30 for sure. I mean I love the Empreinte Speedy, but it looks so small...