Which LV small accesory to purchase?


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Dec 15, 2005
Before prices go up, I was thinking of getting something small to put in my other handbags or to grab'n'go while running errands, etc. Can anyone enlighten on what works best for them. I was thinking about the Wapity but wondering if it would hold my cell, lipstick, lipgloss, cc's,money or should I go for something else that I just haven't thought of yet? Any help is greatly appreciated! TIA!
The Wapity is the perfect size to hold what you've described. The mini pochette is another way to go also. I have the mini pochette, but I bought that for my blackberry. I'd go with the wapity for all the other stuff because it's a little thicker.
I love the cosmetic pouch. It holds all my little stuff and cosmetic and because it's plastic coated inside I don't have to be scared that my perfume is leaking into the bag.
Swedie said:

Those are all cute ideas...question: are those tiny lil' straps durable and is the damier one just like the LV Mono pochette? I wonder if the chain strap on the mini pochette would tarnish?

Addicted: Thx for the help too. It seems to be thicker in width. I kinda liked the black MC. I wish the mini Pochette came in MC!
The strap hasn't broken on me yet, but I've heard of them seperating after a while. If you're looking for something for just the essentials, you might want to look into the lagoon clutch as well.
Oh yes, I have this little makeup pouch too that I sometimes use for evenings or just running around.


Surprisingly, it has a lot of room too! It's $265 (Trousse Makeup)
ayla said:
There's also the shirley to consider !

Trust me, I was considering it until I actually found out it only has the S-lock configuration for closure. I would prefer something a little more secure like a zipper. I would already be at the store purchasing it if it had a zipper!
A mini sac eh? What can you fit in those? When do you carry it? Also, is the Florentine the one that has the belt loops in the back? Those would get annoying to me if I was using it as a clutch.