Which LV should I get

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  1. Damier Ribera MM, Damier Duomo, Damier Alma? Or the suede Stamped PM?

    The next purchase is meant to be a daily bag dat I can bring to work, but as I'm rather petite, 1.55cm and 41kg, anything too big would look like I'm carrying someone else's bag.

    Can advise which will be better or any other design that will be a better choice?
  2. The duomo is lovely. :love: I love the stamped bag in grey PM size but I've never seen it IRL. The duomo is a great everyday bag, no vachetta to worry about and very durable. I think the suede of the stamped Pm means it would need careful treatment, not a good everyday bag IMO.
  3. yeah I say duomo too
  4. Alma!! Thats the Damier purse I would love to own, or a Damier Speedy 25! :yes:
  5. Damier Alma, it's a classic.
  6. the duomo would be my first choice and then the ribera!
  7. Duomo!! Alma second

    Alma looks a bit more mature to me.

    I think Ribera MM looks a bit odd because the size of the handle and the bag itself is a bit off proportion. I like the Ribera mini though.
  8. get the Duomo :nuts:! i have one and i love it. i plan to use it as a bag for work too (IF i get a job, that is :P)
  9. I love ribera, find the design v chic, if oni they have an in-betw size, i would not have to think twice.

    Duomo is abt. the correct size, but I find the design a bit 'outdated' or rather not as chic compared to the ribera. So still can't decide.

    Yes, I should not consider stamped PM as an everyday bag, must stay rational, just dat it's really nice :smile:

    Alma, it's like won't go wrong rite? V classic.

    Still cannot decide... help...
  10. Another vote for Duomo...so cute and functional!
  11. Out of all those choices, the Duomo is the classiest! :smile:
  12. Duomo!
  13. another vote for the duomo!!!!
  14. Yet another vote for the Duomo - but then I think my second pick would be Alma for daily carrying to work!
  15. I just love the Alma, great for work.