Which LV should I buy for my mom

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  1. She needs a smaller bag, that can fit her essentials - phone, cards, keys and glasses. A bag that is both versatile in use but also dressier for fancy occasions. And the bag needs to be lightweight! I wanted to get her the Eva, but it's really difficult to come by one second hand (in Denmark) in pristine condition - and to a fair price.

    Pricewise there's no limit. I want the bag to be a classic that won't go out of style within the next year or two. I was thinking of either the Alma BB in DE, the Favorite in DE or pochette accessoires with a strap.

    Do you guys have any recommendations?
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  2. What about one of the smaller Speedy bags with a shoulder strap attached? Totally classic and practical. My Mom loves LV and I bought her one many years ago and she still uses it since it's pretty much timeless. Actually, I bought her an LV in Denmark while on vacation, as a matter of fact. Fantastic country!!!
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    I might get something slightly bigger than the Eva. I have the Eva & just put in my glasses, card case (which is empty so would be a little thicker), keys (6key) and a phone. It zips but barely. I don’t usually carry my glasses in my Eva. If those are the things your mom needs to fit I’d go slightly bigger in size.

    Maybe Pallas BB or Croisette? Those may be a better size.
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  4. Croisette or Alma bb
  5. Go for the pochette accesoires. its really versatile. you can change the vachetta strap into gold chain strap for special occasions. its percect for running errands, as you can use a long strap for crossbody. Plus the price is very reasonable. its classic and will never go out of style. i think the damier azur is perfect for a dressy occasion as its not too loud like the monogram. i have it and it will be one of my forever piece.
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  6. I pick another alternative to the Alma BB. The Croisette or the favorite MM would make better choices.
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  7. I think it's called the Nano Speedy? Not sure.
  8. I've owned an Alma BB in the past and really regret selling it. It's classic, practical, fits a lot for a small bag, and is easy to carry.
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  9. Seconding Pallas if you can find on 2nd hand market there. I know some styles are less common in some countries.

    If crossbody is an option at all, emp twinset might work too
  10. You can’t go wrong with the Alma BB and it’s big enough for what your mom carries.
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  11. Alma BB was the first thought that popped into my head before I'd read that far down in your post. It's a classic that will hold what you describe. Good luck deciding!
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  12. I would pick a speedy too. Probably not a nano speedy, but a 25 or 30 would be perfect. It's classic and timeless.
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  13. How’s about the Felicie in Empreinte? My mom is 90 and loves her mono one. My 70 year old sister has the black empreinte one. Thinking the black one can be dressy. It
  14. I picked the 30 for my Mom to be totally classic (I love classic!)-- but, your right, a 25 would fit the bill (since she wants a small bag) as well.
  15. Another vote for Alma BB!