Which LV should be my first?

  1. I like so many of them!! I'm ready to make my first LV purchase, but which bag should be my first? What was your first? Or should I start out with a small LV purchase, like a planner/ agenda and grow from there???:smile:
  2. Monogram Speedy......
  3. mono speedy!
  4. my first was damier belem pm. :yes:

    are you looking for handheld/shoulder? monogram/damier/epi/etc.? that would help you narrow down your choices. :smile:
  5. I like the monogram - i should have mentioned, the only bag I am not so much into is the speedy - so many people in Seattle carry fake speedys I think I got tired of seeing them...
  6. oops
  7. maybe the noe or the alma?
  8. Lockit Horizontal.:smile:
  9. I was just in Maui last week and went to the LV store in Ka'anapali (yep, was in the earthquake) and really liked a tiny little mono messenger bag, it was 665 in maui, which i'm sure was inflated price- i might like to get that one, but I don't know the name, correct price and can't find it on the website... any ideas???
  10. Speedy!
  11. mussete salsa??
  12. Mono Speedy!!!!!!!!
  13. Is it the one?


    Or musette tango?
  14. how about mono pap 30?can be handheld and shoulder bag too.
  15. bagsnbags - thats the one!!! What do you think? It seems to be a great size, cute, easy to find stuff in it since it has one big section. IS the strap kind of cheapy looking though?