Which LV should be my first?

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  1. I'm already on the wait list for a Chanel Classic Flap but now I'd like to add a LV to my collection of handbags. I've been reading the threads and it seems some people are having trouble with their Neverfulls which was my first choice. I'm 23 and like to toss everything into my bag so I'm trying to decide between:

    1. Neverfull Mono MM
    2. Montorgueil PM (Mono)

    Thoughts, ideas? I'd appreciate some input from those of you who are my knowledgeable in this area. :smile:

    Thank you!
  2. I say Neverfull which is your first choice. The trouble with some Neverfull straps are only on the coated Damier ebene, not the Mono straps. :smile:
  3. Neverfull than Monty!
  4. Neverfull. I have a Damier NF and haven't had any problems with the straps.
  5. i prefer the neverfull to the monty
  6. Neverfull is more functional, especially if you are looking at a tote as your go-to bag. Monty PM is not so comfy to carry on the shoulder IMO, and although it has a zipper, it is not as roomy as the NF.
  7. I'd choose the NF over Monty.
  8. which ever one you like the most...i would choose the NF...
  9. I'd vote for the neverfull. Can't get over how much I adore it! hehee. But monty is also a great choice. Monty has a modern, young look too and has the benefit of the zipper! But it's kind of hard to put on your shoulder...That's the biggest downfall of it, or else it would be perfeecct. But yeah, Monty or Neverfull, don't think you can go wrong, You'll fall in love with each no matter what. lol
  10. NF or the speedy
  11. neverfull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;););)
  12. neverfull!!!
  13. I would choose NF. I've had my Damier NF MM for over a year and have had zero problems.
    It's a great tote. Very comfy. GL with your decision. Keep us posted.
  14. neverfull
  15. Neverfull! Such a great bag!