Which lv purse? Help!!

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  1. i need quick responses. PLEASE HELP!!

    my boyfriend got me the LV Berkeley Damier today as anniversary present.. i love it but i feel like it's not WORTH the money. but i do love it.. SO i thought of getting a cheaper LV and an add a wallet or something. so WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND?? I LOVEEEEEEE THE DAMIER. i think they are so classy. I thought of the Neverfull MM Damier but i hate the fact that it's got no zipper.. or should i just get that..? please help! =)


    this is the one i have right nowwww.
  2. What about a Damier Speedy or Saleya with a matching wallet?
  3. Do you want a shoulder or a top handle bag?
    Saleya is nice if you want the tote look with a zip... or an alma maybe?
    Gd luck!!
  4. I vote for the Speedy and a wallet
  5. Speedy or Alma in Damier with a wallet sounds like a good trade to me!

    GL Deciding!
  6. alma with a wallet or the tapage bag charm:tup:
  7. i say speedy w/wallet....
  8. If it was something he picked out on his own and surprised me with I would keep it and get a wallet later because I would think it was so sweet and sentimental. If you thought you'd like it and picked it out and realized it wasn't right, then i'd exchange it. But if he did it all on his own, I wouldny be able to part with it personally.
  9. i say keep it and save up/get a matching wallet. you love it and he got it as an anniversary gift
  10. speedy
  11. I agree! I can't return anything my dh has bought me!

    If you really want to exchange it though, I'd go with a Damier Speedy 30 or a Saleya with a wallet.
  12. Personally I won't exchange a gift that DH has picked for me, unless I really do not like the style. So if you like the Berkeley I'd say keep it. You can always add a wallet or get another bag later. This one is "special".
  13. not many people have the berkeley! i would keep it. especially the fact that it was given by a boyfriend. he definitely thought of you when he was getting this bag. he thought YOU were worth spending that much :] honestly, don't get anything that's "cheaper" because that's just any bag that everyone has, and you don't want the bag your bf gave you to be the one that everyone has. it's already special because your bf gave it to you.
  14. Speedy with a zippy wallet.
  15. i vote for the speedy + a wallet...
    i am not a fan of the saleya or the alma mentioned