which LV purse: Damier Canvas Speedy 30 or Damier Alma?

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  1. it's almost my bday next month and my bf is planning to buy me a LV purse. we came to the conclusion of two... which are the Damier Canvas Speedy 30 or Damier Alma. i'm going to be 21. i love the style of the Speedy but the ONLY thing holding me back is the price because it's too cheap. i don't want anyone to think my bf is cheap on me when he's not b/c his budget is actually a lil' bit more than 1G or less. the only reason why i want to get the Alma is b/c it's a lot more expensive taking advantage of my bf's pricetag haha. which one looks better, more useful as in the size and such, and which is more popular? thank you!
  2. I like the shape of the Damier Alma.

    I don't think you should put any emphasis on what people will think of your bag or how much your bf spent on a bag. As long as YOU like it, that's all that should matter! Both are popular bags, but people seem to buy the Speedy more.

    I'll go ahead and move this to the main LV subforum so you can get more responses. ;)
  3. I like the speedy more, especially in damier! It is the perfect bag! Why don't you get the speedy and then buy an accessory or two to go with it!:graucho:
  4. I agree - speedy w/accessories!
  5. i prefer the speedy!!
  6. I prefer the Speedy 30!
  7. speedy 30! i'm getting one myself soon...as soon as i get that balenciaga work bag off my mind! :smile:
  8. Alma
  9. I love the Damier Alma -- it is on my wishlist! It is so classic and useful and it carries a lot of stuff. It looks great at work and at dinner out.

    I wouldn't worry so much about the price -- just try on the two bags and pick the one you love the most.
  10. I pick Speedy!
  11. im a huge speedy fan because its such a good everyday bag but i think u should go with the alma because IMO its looks more sophisticated esp now that ur turning 21! also try to look at LV reference forum so u can see w/c one would look better on you!;)
    advance happy birthday!!!:flowers:
  12. get the speedy and a wallet! then you cant call your bf cheap!!! I l;ove the alma but i prefer it in the epi xx
  13. Speedy 30!!
  14. I really love the speedy. It's one of my most used bags. Like everyone said, you can always get a wallet to match or an accessory. I do like the Alma. That's one style I haven't gotten yet, hmmm.
  15. thanks everyone for your answers... i'm leaning towards the Speedy too even though it's cheaper. it is what i want and my bf told me he'll make up the difference by giving me $300+ and the Speedy purse so it is after all around $900 lol. what kind of accessories are available from LV that you recommend me getting? i usually don't accessorize my purses LOL but that's sooo cute! any ideas?

    thanks everyone... i really appreciate all your feedbacks.