Which LV purchase did you regret?

  1. Papillon epi in orange and vernis in light blue, I think it was called hamptons or something. LOL I also had the wallet. Impulse buy on my first trip to NYC when I was 19. All sold on eBay
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    My first LV back in the 90's was a mono Alma. I wish I would have purchase a speedy but oh well. I wore it to death anyway. lol! I still have her too.
  3. I don't really regret any of my purchases, but I am disappointed with a couple of them. For example, I really love my mono key pouch, but the fact that the pattern is somewhat misaligned at the seams bothers me a bit. Oh, well...it's not a huge deal. I'm also afraid to use my LV Facettes key holder as a bag charm, because I've heard that they can cause wear and tear on brass, and I don't want to ruin my bags.

    I did regret my Sarah wallets because I found some imperfections on them and also because I realized that I like the Compact Zippy more. Luckily, I hadn't used them yet, and they were still within the return/exchange period.
  4. @michie why?!?!
  5. I regret to exchange my Mono Speedy B 30 to a 35. Its too big .
    I will sell, and get a DE Speedy B instead :wlae:
  6. i regret the odeon pm.... should have waited until they had the mm back in stock!!
  7. I am sorry that you regret exchanging the 30 for the 35. I bought the regular speedy 30 in ebene, then, bought the 35. I am glad I have both because as weird as it seems, some days, the 30 is perfect and some other days, the 35 is perfect.... I am glad I have both sizes. Why don't you get the 30 and keep both for awhile to see which one you use more and then sell the other. Maybe, you'll keep both. I went thru a phase when the 30 was way to small, now, I think the 30 is perfect....I know that I will change my mind again lol.:p so I am keeping both sizes
  8. I love my LVbags but if I'm honest: the only one who's really comfortable is my new Damier Ebene Icare. And the rest, Alma Vernis, Verona Mm, Brea MM Vernis, Beverley and Lumineuse Empreinte PM are beautiful but my much cheaper bags from Hilfiger, Dkny, and an old shoppingbag from Burberry are so much nicer tp carry with me. I don't buy LV's because they are so comfortable.
  9. Thank you for your words :ty:, yes actually Im thinking to keep both, maybe the 35 will more useful If I will have kids (Im 31 so hopefully soon).
    But for now, I think 30 is enough, and in DE because the lots of rain here :rain:
  10. i'm considering the bergamo pm as my next bag (out of a list of contenders). did you think the pm was a good size and not too heavy compared to the mm? or do you think you probably would have regretted the bergamo pm had you kept it?
  11. Bergamo PM is much lighter than MM. I wish I kept the PM. If I have the PM, I will carry her more often because it's lighter and.less bulky. The strap of the PM is longer than MM. PM can fit essentials like folded umbrella, long wallet, card holder, pouch, phone, etc. But not sure if IPad can fit in.
  12. I love you're Celine mini luggage. That's the next one on my list. What's you're opinion about that bag?
  13. I am new to the PF. Love to read all your stories. I never sold any of my handbags before, but I plan to de-clutter my life and re-organize my closet this summer. Maybe want to sell some of my bags. I am really curious where do you sell your designer bags? (The bags I want to sell are Chloe and Balenciaga)

    P.S. I love all my LVs! (especially my new Vernis passion yellow Alma)
  14. ;) Where do People sell their bags that they either don't love or use anymore. Thanks! For any suggestions. New to this forum.
  15. Speedy 30 in damier ebene.. because the speedy b is out now :sad: