Which LV purchase did you regret?

  1. Compared to trevi, not that heavy at all, it is a bit heavier than the trevi, but not much. :smile:
  2. I got it when it first came out in november 2010. I have the infini(navy blue)one
    Yes, the bag is heavy with nothing in it, I don't feel like I carry a ton..... Wallet, keys, small makeup bag, glasses, sunglasses and phone.... But if I'm carrying it for awhile on my shoulder it really starts to kill......
  3. Cabas piano, which I got the cabas mezzo!
  4. Mono Deauville...too big for a handbag and too small for luggage :/
  5. Thank you so much for the responce:smile: it did really help:biggrin:
  6. My DE Neverfull... I had it for four months and the straps started cracking so I had it sent off for repairs. After I got her back, I find myself constantly checking the straps. If I could do it all over again, I would've put out a little more money for something else like a Totally or Bloomsbury.
  7. I agree, I sold my bucket cuz it just looked so dated...
  8. I really hate to say it but I don't use my Trevj at all. It's doesn't pack a lot of things, and after a wallet, keys, cosmetic case...it feels heavy. And then I'm afraid of scratching the piping of the purse....I'm thinking of selling it. I just bought it in Feb. sigh.
  9. Bergamo MM. I regret upgrading PM to MM. Althought MM fits my size, it's super heavy and bulky when I carried her. It's heavier than Trevi even when empty. :sad:
  10. Looked this up in the Refetence Library,

    The weight of the Trevi PM is 2 lb, 2.6 oz.
    The weight of the Emp. Artsy is 2 lb, 13 oz.

    Couldn't find weight of Trevi GM. Must be pretty close to Artsy.
  11. Thank you for the info:smile:
  12. Well, i thought the same after of owning trevi pm for 2 weeks, i brought it back to store and exchanged for mono speedy b 40 , paid extra $ and get the mono totally gm... And dont regret at all, and i have never missed her ever since, though it is beautiful bag indeed... İf u didint use it all that time, i think u should let her go to a new home, cause i think it is too expensive to be just sitted in the closet..
  13. Thanks Safida. I loved it when i first saw it, obsessed over it and bought it, then after a few months, it was like "ehhh". It's partly greed... I want it cuz its stunning and brand new, but don't want to sell it and lose money on it. Lol.., oh well.
  14. Mono Galliera PM. Tried 3 different bags before deciding on Gall. Have won it, maybe, a half dozen times in 4 years. I always want to wear it but just too worried about getting vachetta dirty when I am with my 3 kids!!! Ugh, want to sell but scared i'll regret it!
  15. Hi, I want to encourage you to use your Galliera, I have 2 kids and they're of the rambunctious kind :biggrin: and my Galliera is looking great after 2 years or medium use, I rotate my bags, otherwise I would use it more. The vachetta has a nice patina and I only wipe the canvas occasionally. I love this bag, it's very confy and chic :tup: :cool: at least try to use it some more before you sell it.