Which LV pochettes...

  1. are suppoused to have bows?:blink: I'm trying to learn how to better identify fakes and I'm just getting confused because I thought if they had bows, that meant they were fake, but then I saw a real cherry blossom one and it had a bow. Are there any other ways (besides if it has a bow or not) of telling if one is fake?
    Thanks in advance :yes:
  2. only cherry blossoms have bows. the MC ones have the studs, and others are plain.
  3. Yeah the Cherry Blossom ones are the only ones that are supposed to have bows. If you see any multicolore ones with bows, stay away!!
  4. Yes. My Cherry Blossom pochette has a bow which is why I got it.
  5. Thanks guys! Thats what I thought- any other tips on figuring out if its a fake or real?
  6. Yep- Cherry Blosom only- if it's MC and has a bow it's 100% fake.
  7. There's some great sites out there like mypoupette.com for starters.
    Then go to http://search.reviews.ebay.com/members/fashionphile_W0QQuqtZg
    Fashionfile has written some good guides. When buying multicolore I suggest looking at her listings & saving a couple of the authentic pics to your harddrive. So when you're looking at others you can quickly pull it up & compare the colors side by side!!

    Always ask the seller for closeup pics of the logos & stamping & compare the fonts. Most of the fakes will have oval "0"'s while the real ones have completely round "O"

    Just a couple of tips! have fun
  8. Thank you zombiegirl- I read through some of those guides and they were really helpful! Also, the idea about saving real bag pics to compare to others is great!
  9. Agree:biggrin: